SMART 63 coffee meet report

Jagger photo: supplied by Nick Webb . Radio Times supplied by Mo Elms

EP’s supplied by John Busbridge. LP’s supplied by Anthony ‘Nan’ Morland

Our 63rd meet and among the newbies this time were Lin Russell, Eric Upton, Liz and Geoff King and other newbie’s which I’m sorry but didn’t get a chance to chat to, hopefully next time. Liz & Geoff were chatting about memories of The Sundowners in Eastbourne and Prinny’s Club in George Street. Eric had some great photos of the Tuxedos, Tony And The Defiants, Johnny Kidd’s autograph, The Talisman and The Victors ticket from the Hastings collage gig in 1963, Mud programme from the Winter Garden’s in 1989. Roger Ferris had some authenticity documents on Joe Meek, for the 1963 Framus Star bass guitar and a Robert Stigwood contract for Heinz from 1964 ,where he got paid £90 at a Welsh valley gig. Roger is looking for anyone who has photos of him when he played The Revolver Bar in George Street with Smokestack. Mo Elms had with her a 1950’s Radio Times priced at 2p! a Chelsea Girl bag from the 70’s, a Capital Radio rates card from 70/71 and had the photo on the other side of the ship ‘King David’, a Disc Jockey record shop ‘Keep Smiling’ postcard, matches and coaster of the Earl Of Zetland ship, Tony Blackburn photos from Radio Caroline and a cutting of HLR Hastings Local Radio with dj’s taking to the air from Saturday’s Nightclub. Anthony ‘Nan’ Morland had an interesting photo of the back of St Helen’s Hospital in 1960 showing the fields which are now Malvern Way, also a great photo of Ore Youth Club of youngest dancing to Pete Millington playing records on one turntable. ‘Nan’ also had a photo of the fire station in Priory Road from 1972 and a collection of record albums. Merv Kennard had a number of rare dj, pirates tales, radio jingles and recordings of Radio Northsea International and Radio Hauraki final hours. Nick Webb arrived with a giant framed photo of Mick Jagger, It’s A Knockout local programmes and Damaris photos. Rod Stapley had photos of his dad George and his band ‘The Coronets’. John Busbridge arrived with a collection of e.p.’s and a photo album. Sarah Harvey was reminding everyone that there is a musical tribute for Tim Anderson on Sun 20th Nov 3pm at Rocksalt Castle Street, with Stormy T & Bluesman’s Lane, Four Teas And A Sugar, Pete Prescott, in aid of St Michaels Hospice.  Too many other people to mention. Very sorry I did not get round to speaking to everyone. If you had anything interesting you were talking about then please feel free to add.

Paul Crimin… Damn. Missed it

Kevin Burchett… Yep missed it again

Jim Breeds… Sorry Alan. I completely forgot. Had it in my head that it was next week

Monica Bane… Always good to see you all. Thanks Alan, For all your hard work keeping this together, Monica!

Cris and Merv Kennard… Thanks Alan, really good to finally meet and chat with Colin.

David Martin… Sorry I couldn’t make it yesterday. When’s the next one ? Thanks

Alan Esdaile… probably not until the beginning of January, due to the clash with Christmas.

Mick O’Dowd… Sorry I was at death’s door yesterday. Well it felt like it and hadn’t been out since Wednesday. Didn’t want to decrease membership of the group so decided to stay away.

Alan Esdaile… You were missed Mick but hope you are feeling better soon. At least the ringing in my ears of ‘Where’s Mick?’ has now started to improve!

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