AC/DC Highway to Hell 1979 and Van Halen In Concert 1980 tour programmes

supplied by Nigel Ford

Nigel Ford… AC/DC supported by Def Leppard at Hammersmith Odeon Saturday Nov 3rd. We were delighted to find the 15 – 17 year olds supporting as we’d heard them a few months earlier on the Andy Peebles Radio 1 weekday evening shows as a featured band while doing up our bungalow just before getting wed in July.The programme has pics & feature on the Lepps too and I also have concert review cuttings from Melody Maker the following week . First time we’d seen radio controlled (lead-less) guitar with this huge, brick-like box literally gaffer-taped around Angus’ waist. His roadie carried him on his shoulders out into the foyer and up & down to the front of the balcony during “Rocker” as he solo’d throughout the journey & back.We were 5 rows from the front and got spray from Angus’ sweaty mop ( no safety barriers then preventiong people getting too close) and ears still ringing the following Tuesday… not seen AC/DC since… Bon ruled!

Van Halen at the RAINBOW theatre North London in July, unfortunately Roth was a bit intoxicated but the rest of the band spot on…. 4 years before “JUMP”. I was into them from ’78 when I saw their eponomous album in a music shop in Ipswich while waiting for some plough legs to be straightened up the road at Ransomes factory and was blown away when asked to listen to it.
I took there 2nd album to our wedding reception the previous year for the dejay to play “Dance the night away” from it. Again press reports from their performance in the somewhat crumpled programm – SO Big to look after during the show!

The Yelton Hotel White Rock Hastings 1990

photo by James Meredith

the photo featuring the woman with no body!

Andrew Freeman… My old friend the late Johnny Woodhams used to say if you went to the loo here you went to the Yelton John! There are those who won’t get this I guess!!

Ian Johnson… Sunk a few pints in there

Paul Coleman… I worked in the kitchen of the Yelton for a weekend when I was fifteen, washing up. The chef was an Italian I think. Completely nuts with a habit of throwing big kitchen knives across the room when he was peed off – which was most of the time! One came a bit too close, so I walked. Didn’t even bother collecting my wages.
So the Yelton, (White Rock) still owes me!! Lol.

Peter Houghton… I worked there in the 70s before going to the Royal Victoria

Freddie Smith… My Nan and My Auntie Vi used to go their every Thursday. They would always have their Guinness’, with their treats brought from the drug store(the people behind the bar didn’t know 🤣🤣). In the school holidays I would join them, having coke and crisps.

Rupert Gilham… Takes me back

Mark Gilham… Rupert great days. Not forgetting the Chatsworth run by the lovely Paul and Lesley

Mark Randall… That lady was obviously the magician’s assistant when he performed at the Summer Special

Jane Owen Schaumlöffel… I believe it was named by its original owner, Mr Notley

Peter Houghton… Jane, That’s Right.

Karen Riggs… When did the Yelton become the White Rock Hotel?

Janette Morfey… when the current owners took over, they renamed it.

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Hastings Pier 3rd November 2004



Review from The Guardian The Observer by Molloy Woodcraft

live from Brixton 2004...

Leigh Wieland-Boys… Red Right Hand is by far my favourite Nick Cave track!

Andy Gunton… Review in The Stinger by Andy Gunton…

Darren Johnson… Fascinating – I’d assumed bands had stopped playing the pier long before that

Steve Amos… One of the great gigs!

Jan Warren… He does some really weird, dark and brilliant stuff, love him! xx

The Record Shop Hastings photo by Anthony ‘Nan’ Morland

photo: Anthony ‘Nan’ Morland

Matt Thomas… Can’t see George Benson

Danny Howells… Matt, my first thoughts too. Either he’s out of shot or this was taken pre-Benson. Oh yeah check the car, defo pre-Benson.

Matt Thomas… George Benson came from us over in Masons Music, one of our promo displays that Jack took a liking to lol

Alan Esdaile… We thought it was more for his customers than ours and I think it must have been in his window for over 10 years!

Nadia Compagnone… Worked in Sussex Stationers in Queens Road in 1977. Such lovely people who worked in the shops, and customers. Great times.

Paul Foster… Loved it

Jane Collins… Ah. The record shop. Memories!

Heidi Millett… Jack and Sonia London owned it

Jacky Mattelaer.. Heidi, my godparents

Andre Clifton…

Laura Valentine… My mums godparents owned the shop. Remember them very fondly

Audrey Huggins… Remember them both lovely couple

Vince Ray… Wow, Sewing Centre is still next door

Caroline Gurden… My brother Steve loved this shop and made me order really obscure records as Christmas presents!

Kevin Carlyon… Remember it well.

Roger Simmonds… Remember it well !

Ian Cramp… Loved this place in the 70’s

John Mcewen… Bought my first record in there. Space Oddity.

Polly Okeefe-Brookes… Happy days.x

Alan Mitchell… Yes I remember this shop weIl good Albums. Also had A Doctor further up the road

Marilyn Haddock… Bought my first records there and we were allowed to listen to them before we bought them.

Tina Whiting… I lived at the top of that hill. Used to go to the record shop & see the man & lady, remember them well.

Carol Collinson…. This was my dad’s friend’s shop, owned by Jack London. X

Tony Court-holmes… who remembers the pilot pub that was on the other corner? it sold lots of cider

Keith Veness… Tony, Yes I remember the pub