Plum Duff – 1975


supplied by Tony Davies

Phil Gill….Nice Lionels chaps

Tony Davies….L to R, Colin Baldwin, John Towner, Reg Marchant, and myself. I think it was about 1975, definitely pre “Folk at the Black Horse” album cos I still had me hippy hair. Phil, you take one pair of perfectly good Levi’s,split the seams both sides, take offcuts from worn out Levi,s or mum’s old curtains and sew said bits into the space. After several hours of swearing and cursing and fingers that resemble a pin cushion, Voila, you end up with a la mode 70’s fashion. Waist coat, courtesy of the GPO.”

Reg Duff… God! That brings back memories 🙂 this photo was taken outside my parents house in Hollington (I’m just out of shot) John also made us have a photo taken with us each holding one of my mum’s bowls and a spoon to highlight the plum duff theme! I still have the photos somewhere. reg duff.

Kev Towner… I’ve never seen this photo of Dad. Is it Sinnock Square?

Nana Tsiboe R.I.P. (24th May 2022)

Shared from Orphy Robinson… Sad news of the passing of Ghanaian master musician Nana Tsiboe! He has been a knowledgeable, dedicated and inspirational friend to all who have worked with him over the years. May his memory always be a blessing!

John Wilde… Thank you Nana.

Andy Guainiere… Such a lovely man and a great sense of humour…

Mark Baker… Very sad news x

Paul Cullen… That is the saddest news,I met Nana playing in a marquee outside the museum when he was playing with Trevor Watts. He one of the nicest people I have met in my life. I will miss him. Thank you Nana

Leo Mpuuga… Sad news r.i.p thank you for the music

Angela Gardner… You will be missed Nana Tsiboe RIP

Willie Wicking… Lovely man great musician lovely memories from his days in the Ypres. R.I.P Nana

Sam Rosewell… Oh that’s such sad news. RIP Nana, you’ll be greatly missed xx

Gilly Johnson… Hamba Kahle my friend

Steve Amos… Sad news.

Reid McDuffie… This is such sad news….

Phil Little… Great musician and inspiring drummer as well as a beautiful human being RIP

Terry Pack… RIP, Nana xx

Renzi Lowend… Like many others I had the privilege of sharing a stage with this amazing man and musician. A beautiful heart has gone. RIP Nana

Jacquie Hinves… God bless Nana, I’m so sorry to hear this dreadful news. He was a super guy and a lovely friend. Another legend gone. Rest in Peace Nana. Xx Rest in peace my lovely friend. Xx

Nick Gold… Such a beautiful man and wonderful musician. Rest in Peace my friend x

Trefor Watson… Thank you for some amazing evenings in Hastings. God bless you.

Dean Brodrick… A great and inspiriational man who connected me with the spirit of our ancestors. A master in every way. I learned so much from Nana. A truely magnificant human being.

Simwinji Zeko… Just found out Nana has passed. I was doing one of my periodic ‘wonder how Nana is doing’ checks and hoping yet again to find his music somehow. Been trying to find and see him for 20 years plus. Last saw him in South Africa in the early ‘90’s when he toured with Trevor Watts. A gentle inspired musician with a huge human spirit. Will be missed

Nick Foster… Nana was a frequent musician in the Pig in the eighties. Always a delight seeing and hearing him. The highlight was with Dade Krama in the back bar of the Pig during the Hastings Fringe Festival circa 87, 88. Absolutely f…Ing brilliant.

Nick King… Well my earliest memories of Nana was at Kingswood School Bath….He would sit at meal times with two ring fingers bent beating out the most amazing mesmerising rhythms on the table while chatting to everyone (and very occassionally taking a very small break for one hand to lift a fork and eat. !) A lesser known non musical fact was that he was an amazing sportsman and a true natural. I was in his rugby team and coaching us was easy with the instruction ‘just get the ball to Nana and he’ll do the rest !!’ He ran like a panther and even played rugby with incredible rythm and balance…School memories of a truely lovely, gifted and well respected gem. I’m sure he’ll still be tapping away in the heavens …RIP Nana