All Good Clean Fun – United Artists sampler 1971

all good clean

Thanks to Pete Prescott for suggesting this.

John Storer…..Of all the samplers that were issued around that time, “All Good Clean Fun” was definitely my favourite. There isn’t one duff track on it and it still holds up today

Side 1
“Spill the Wine” – Eric Burdon & War
“Street Songs” – Help Yourself
“Chicken Reel” – Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
“Take Me Away” – Colin Scot
“Here Comes Mr Time” – If
“Daughter of the Fireplace” – Man

Side 2
“Home Again” – Cochise
“Dirt Roads” – Morning
“Let Me Take You Home” – Gypsy
“Song for Kathy” – Allan Taylor
“Don’t Want Me Round You” – Ernie Graham
“Boogie Chillen No.2” (Excerpt) – Canned Heat &John Lee Hooker

Side 3
“Cherry Red” – The Groundhogs
“Hot Water” – Sugarloaf
“Be Yourself” (Excerpt) – Hawkwind
“Race from Here to Your Ears” – Amon Düül II
“Roll Em Down” – Morning

Side 4
“That’s All Right Mama” – Canned Heat
“Funk Angel” – Brinsley Schwarz
“Gone Away” – Reg King
“Yukon Railroad” – Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
“Joy” (excerpt) – Sweet Pain
“The Seed” – B .B. Blunder

Neil Steadman… I have this double album….. Groundhogs etc.

Pete Prescott… It’s one of the famous 19 albums my brother Chris gave me for Christmas 1970. There is track called Here Comes Mr Time by “If”. In 1975 I was asked to join a band being formed by a guitar player with If (Terry Brown). Idiot me turned them down. They were going to tour the states with zebra. I remember tracks by cochineal and colin scott. I’ll bring it to the meeting.

Kevin Sherwood… Still got my very battered copy.

Andy Davies… I had this, someone nicked it!


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