Leo Sayer – Hastings Pier 15th November 1974

Jenni Inness write up

Mace Sinden… I was there loved it

Pauline Hillier… Me too

Roy Winchester… was there what a good voice.

Gary Benton… Lives not far from me now here in Jersey

Peter Houghton… Great night

Trevor Webb… I actually saw Leo Sayer entertain at a conference in 99 in London . Very entertaining

Jackie Willett… I was there! I’m sure he came here twice!

Linda Russell…Me too !

Terry Tollan… I was there . He said he could not hear himself through the screaming fans

Gerry Fortsch… What a great voice and very talented guy, always enjoyed his TV show.

Mick O’Dowd… Nice bloke! I was there for this.

Tracy Birrell… Oh I was here aged 16.I remember it well.

Bill Gallop… I was Night Watch man on the Pier this special night myself and Geoff Clark and if I remember right it was less than a month when he returned Brilliant show man top audience to !! xx Just a One Man Band x

Alan Esdaile… A really nice genuine guy. Took time to chat and drinks all round for the helpers.



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