Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show – Buckshole Field, St Helens Road, Hastings

Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show on the 20th drew thousands to Buckshole Field, St Helens Road 

more information fromhttp://hastingschronicle.net/archives/buffalo-bill-hits-town/

Alan Esdaile… Anyone watch the recent series on BBC called ‘The English’? Mention of Hastings in the last episode.

Bernard Goffredo… yes I loved it, I remember my Grandmother telling me about seeing Buffalo bill coming out and rearing up on his horse

Judy Atkinson… I was watching the last episode of The English last night, and one of the characters takes part in this touring show, saying his favourite place he’s visited in England is Hastings, because of the cliff railway! The show has another name in the TV series

Mick O’Dowd… I only survived 3 episodes. Too slow and actors seemed to mumble and being hard of hearing couldn’t make it out. Don’t like the subtitles.

Judy Atkinson… Mick, it was worth sticking with it. Very different from most westerns though

Trevor Jones… Judy, Yep !I liked that bit too.

Dennis Torrance… Knew about this sometime. Around a lot of other famous people as well as Sitting Bull


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