Penguin Snooker Club and Cinema Priory Street Hastings

© David Simpson

David Simpson… In Hastings, East Sussex, when the ABC/Ritz Cinema closed in 1971 Don Smith Enterprises Ltd. decided to turn the upper level of their bingo club into a cinema. Due to the need to work around the bingo sessions, the building work took 18 months (plus a reported 25 tons of concrete, six tons of steel and £20,000) before the Penguin Cinema opened on Sunday 24th August 1974….

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Andy Coleman… A guy I worked with drew up the architects plans for the conversion; I think his first name was Derek, but can’t remember his surname

Wendy Weaver… Spent some time in there. I used to be captain of the snooker team. Great times.

Allan Mitchell… I remember those days

Graham Bradley… Great guy Don, certainly put his mark on Hastings


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