The Ryetoffs – Rye 1964



photos supplied by Tony Lambert

main photo… L To R Pete Buchan,Mick Eldridge,Roger Huckstep,Tony Lambert,Mel Mcgann.

Tony Lambert… outside The Rye Model Laundry,1964 we used the canteen for practice because Pete Buchans dad was manager. Great times, mad parties at various venues.  Indoor photo at Rogers house Christmas 1964 Tony Lambert, Mel Mcgann, Roger Huckstep, sitting Pete Buchan. Perhaps Mick Eldrige was taking the photo. The Ryetoff guitars were all home made and the drum kit was from Brighton originally bought for £10.00 s/h which in todays money would £150.00 – £200.00? The Drumkit in this photo is the one Alan Wootton had from me, recovered in grey Fablon and was the Ryetoffs one, not the GTStrokers kit which belonged to Paul Freeman. Believe it or not, I managed to get The drumkit in the bubble car !!!!

Tony Lambert… I remember those days in the 60’s and everyone with great fondness….and a great time was had by all…..


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