The Malvern – gigs 1995


supplied by Phil Little Music Files.

Karen Sweatman… I loved going to see Becky & the Bombshells. She used to give me and my mates her mike to do backing vocals ….. badly! 🙂

Michael Wilson… Used to see the Bombshells at the Marina ‘Fountain’. Great gigs

Richard Turner… Remember my dads band playing there sure it used to b called the new broom

Kev Towner…  remember going to see Splodgenessabounds at The Malvern with Graham Swann


York & Crypt Bars, Orion Cinema and WHSmith Hastings photo by Anthony ‘Nan’ Morland

photo © Anthony ‘Nan’ Morland

Pauline Richards… Was it the rubber shop just out of sight?

Alan Esdaile… don’t know if it was the rubber shop but if you mean coming down the road next to WH Smith, at this time it was ‘Jax’.

Pauline Richards… Oh. I thought it was either rubber coat shop or criterion cafe. Was Jax a boutique

Alan Esdaile… woman’s clothes shop I think?

Oliver Leonard… is that in the 80s?

Matt Thomas… I would say about 77/78 with Star Wars showing at the cinema

Wendy Weaver… Look at that car! I had one of those

Jan Warren… Which one Wendy? the Citroen DS? – beautiful cars!!

Angela Frances Gardner… ‘The Flea Pit!’

Tracy Birrell… I remember this well in the ’70’s.

Dennis Torrance… My mum worked there Orion cinema in late sixties pass she had greatly used by me and my mates . Got beer by pub next door smuggling it in there and leaving bottles in there . Next morning my mum got home Bad temper about louts drinking in there and beer bottles. I had to turn my head away as first I started laughing got told off but she never knew it was me and my mates . Feel terrible about it now but thanks for the photo which triggered the memory

Nick Prince…

Star Wars showed at the Classic in Queens Road for six weeks in 1977 and didn’t screen at the Orion until 1978, when the Orion ran it on three different occasions, the last of which was an eight day run, which finished on August 31st, 1978, the day it closed. It should be noted that the Orion was still profitable but due to the barring system at the time, the Orion could only get one release in five first run in Hastings, with the Classic getting the other four. The 1/5 bar of new releases to the Orion was infact put in place when the Curzon in St Leonard’s shut in 1977. The Curzon itself having the 1/5 bat before. Prior to January 1977 and for as far back as I know, the Orion had no new releases and in a previous proprietor’s words…. “This is why we show sex!” No one asked for a lecture on the film barring system in Hastings in the late 70’s but you got one I could go back to the 60s and earlier. Lol

Marine Court St Leonards-on-Sea 1960’s

Supplied by Leigh Kennedy Historical Hastings

Leigh Kennedy… Leigh says… An late 1960s photo of Marine Court, showing signage for the Grenadier Club ( opened 1963) and the Dolphin. Nice selection of cars including what looks like a 1967 Hillman Husky, Mark 3 Ford Zephyr, Mark 1 Escort and a Jaguar 420..

Mike Waghorne… J W Davis motors in the showroom at the east end of the building a Hillman car agent !

Rock Museum – Parkstone Road Hastings 1969 & Pier gig 29th Nov 1969


supplied by Laurie Cooksey

Laurie Cooksey… Rock Museum Autumn 1969, posing alongside someone else’s mini in Parkstone Road, Hastings. Left to right: Tony Carr(lead vocals), Terry Corder(bass guitar/vocals), Dave Gurr(lead guitar/vocals), Laurie Cooksey(drums/vocals). Rock Museum had formed in early 1969 as a 3 piece heavy rock group, Tony Carr joining on lead vocals in the summer of 1969. The group split up at the end of 1969.

Janine Anne Hemsley… This is great.

Andy Qunta… Saw Rock Museum rehearsing in a Church hall in late ’69, shortly after moving to the Hastings area. Very impressed, especially with Laurie Cooksey! Remember thinking it would be great to play with him in a band one day!

Geoff Peckham… You never know, Andy. It may still happen!

Sarah Harvey… These photos are absolute gems

Colin Fox… I have to say that I have never heard of this band, but they certainly look the part. Great photo.

Mick O’Dowd… It’s amazing how many bands are coming out of the woodwork now thanks to Lol. Can’t say I remember these either so it is great to see them and just goes to show how lucky we were/are in Hastings to have such a rich musicak heritage.

Mark Asseenontv Scutchings-Stevens… I remember Dave Gurr in 1976 when he was living in Crawley ! He was riding a Honda CB500T . What’s become of him now ?

Ian McGilvray… Is Laurie still playing? I saw him behind His kit on many occasions in Bexhill.

Alan Esdaile… He’s still playing Ian, with the 6T’s (next gig The Comet 30th Aug 2014) and with a reformed Factory.

Janine Anne Hemsley… Terry Corder too .

Jan Warren… Oh, great to see this photo – I remember these guys and did some of them go on to form “Die Laughing” and “Factory”??!!

Andy Qunta… Laurie was (& is!) in Factory, and he & Terry were in Die Laughing, and are now also part of the 6Ts!

Sheila Maile… Are this band currently called the 6Ts

Richard J Porter… Two of them make up part of the 6Ts!

Terry Corder… Yes we are and still playing regularly. Find us on facebook, just search for thefab6ts

Sheila Maile… You used to play in the angling club not so long ago, shame you don’t any more. What they have there now are not a patch on you, yes I will look on fb.thanks

Terry Corder… We were at the little angling club on pirate day. It was a great day!

Tim Moose Bruce… Dave Gurr lived opposite us in Little Common. About that time he bought a little Gilera motorbike. He then got the nickname “Flying Jesus”!

Cherry Stones and The Kinks – Finland 1965

supplied by Lloyd Johnson. All photos © Spanna Mo

Photo 1. Cherry Stones. Rehearsal time. Finland Tour. 1965. Photo 2. “Look I can fly… wheeee” “Spanna… you’re an idiot”. Photo 3. Cherry Stones Finland tour poster [1965]. Part of the tour – as opening band for “The Kinks” [ Spanna is the dorkie guy on the right ]. Photo 4. The Kinks watch Cherry Stones rehearse. Photo 5. Ray and Dave Davies of The Kinks. [sound check]. Lennart, [Cherry Stones lead guitarist], watches from behind the drums.

Lloyd Johnson… Spanna Mo/Andy Mowbray is from Hastings/Silverhill and we left Hastings together late 1964 and moved to Sweden…..

Spanna Mo… Here are some recently unearthed photos of our band “The Cherry Stones” touring Finland in 1965, as the opening act for The Kinks. The image with Ray and Dave Davies [our guitarist Lennart Wahlström in the background], is from the sound-check before the gig in Turku Concert Hall. The members of Cherry Stones are.., Spanna Mo, [Aka Andy Mowbray] singer, Mats Huddén – vocals and guitar, Lennart Wahlström – guitar, Rolf B Karlsson – base, and John Sze-drums.

The Black Horse Telham – 2nd folk club reunion 1990

supplied by Paul Dengate

Paul Dengate… Poster from 1990 for the 2nd Black Horse folk club reunion, which became known as the Black Horse Music Festival that ran annually for another 20 years or so. The folk club itself had run for a similar lifespan from the mid-60s. Many of the musicians and/or bands involved in the Saturday event had been regular performers or residents at the folk club.

Nadia Compagnone… I used to live next door to the Black Horse and married Eddie“s brother in law. My dear cousin was Peter Thompsett from Cottage, sadly missed, but many happy memories.

Neil Partrick… Readers might be interested in my profile of folk musician Ian Dobson which has quite a bit about the Black Horse Telham folk club and some of the musicians who played there

Keith Veness… Had some great nights there in the early 70s

Mike Waghorne… Often went there in the mid 70’s

David Betts… For the record the original founders of the Black Horse folk club were not the 2 gents listed in the attached article, the club came from an idea of a guy called Sam Sewell who I (Dave Betts) was at Bexhill Grammar school with, he introduced me to Eddie and myself and Colin Potter started the club in the side room on a Saturday night, this would have been around 1964, around the same time we ran the New Inn club in Sidley, which originally started at the Conservative club in Bexhill .

Time Out – Kings Head Battle 1987

supplied by Paul Huggett

Barry French, Andy Sproxton, Paul Huggett

Alan Wood… Cor, look at that poser in my old pub

Rick Baldwin… Mean and moody!!

Chris Jolly… And that’s just Paul! “Those were the days my friend”…

Dave Weeks… And a tape recorder

Graham Matthews… PKH looking a little Macho!


The Marty Wilde Show – De La Warr Pavilion Bexhill 28th January 1960 supplied by Colin Fox

Colin Fox…I just found this. The concert was on the 28 January 1960 at Bexhill (De La Warr Pavilion). I’m surprised it didn’t include a photo of Joe Brown.

Alan Parker… Joe Brown backed everyone, even Eddie Cochran when he toured here

Alan Esdaile… Jezebel was one of my favourite Marty Wilde tracks.