The Cut-backs – Working Class Man

Featuring a cast of hundreds, a new song and video from Hastings band the Cut-backs!

Phil Gill… If Mike Raxworthy asks me to get involved with something, it’s always loads of fun…this was no exception. I love being around creative people – please share!

Barbara Watling-Richardson… Why has SMART (Seventies Music and Retro Talk) become an electioneering forum?

Alan Esdaile.. Sorry Barbara if your unhappy with this posting. No electioneering intended and just helping local musicians plug their new video. Also I thought people might be interested as a number of Hastings people are on this.

Phil Gill… And no electioneering intended. It’s just a song about being working class.

Pete Prescott… Loved it ! Would have loved to have made it down for the video shoot ! Electioneering ??? What’s that about ?

John Laidlaw… I think it’s like tobogganing, Pete, only mains-powered.

Diane Knight… fabulous…what a great way to start a day !!!!

Eric Cawthraw… Well well well, at last something from Third World War! I’ve raved on about them on site in the past – so a big well done to The Cut backs – good job! Here’s the album cover from my collection – and part of the lyric sheet that comes with it. You can hear the original on you tube. They’ll never reform – but if they did, I’d get a ticket!

Working Class Man 001-1 TWW 1001

supplied by Eric Cawthraw

Colin Norton… This is great, Mike!

Stephen Rapley… It’s just a fun song and a great vid get a life and a sense of humour

Dave Nattress… Working class man – loved it!!



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