Rolling Stones ticket – Hastings Pier 11th April 1964

better photo of The Rolling Stones in an ambulance from the 2nd August 1964 Hastings gig.

All supplied by Mick Thwaites

John Busbridge… I was there!

Lloyd Johnson… I was queuing waiting outside and the Ambulance backed up to the left side of The Pier and they all jumped out and ran like mad up the side walkway to the ballroom….

Judy Atkinson… My sister Christine Toms (was Fullbrook) was at both their gigs on the pier and got their autographs

Lyn Humphrey… That was the day when my first childhood dog died (not that I dwell on it).

Kevin Burchett… I was very close to this. I saw them get out of the ambulance I was about 6ft away from them. I was only young, my parents took my sister to see them she’s 4 years older than me

Des Moxam… Why in an ambulance?

Alan Esdaile… Des, to get on and off the pier. Here’s the details supplied by Andre Martin…

Maureen Peterson… There getaway transport

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