Laker shoe shop, Old London Road, Ore, Hastings

photo © Phil Laker

Ronald Gillett… REMEMBER IT WELL

Terry Hopper… Yep remember it well we used to have our school shoes repaired there

Heidi Millett… Yes I remember

Chris Meachen… I remember that parade of shops before Yonky knocked them all into one…

Elaine Nolan… Remember it x

Dawn Leaney… A big part of the village years ago. I can remember the smell of new shoes as you went in. I saved up as a teenager to buy a pair of cream high patent shoes with a big button on the side that l had seen in the window. Loved those shoes.

Audrey Huggins… Loved that shop

Judy Atkinson… I remember getting shoes there, especially summer sandals (the ones with the cut-out design), we only lived a few doors along. A proper shoe shop with that special smell

Wendy Bevis… School shoes xx

Mick O’Dowd… Remember it well. Cornelius fruit shop next door. Now Hastings Pet Shop and Winchesters.

Alan Esdaile… As a number of people have said, shoe shops in those days had the shoe shop smell. Also how exciting is the window display, so much to see.

Linda O’leary… I remember those days!

Janet Brophy… I remember those days!


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