Jeff Beck autograph?

Album cover without signature

Supplied by Peter Houghton

Peter Houghton… I was working in Oxfam shop in Hastings in the late 90s And I sorted out all the records that came in. So I had the first choice and this was one of them.

Alan Esdaile… Searching on the internet, there seems to be hundreds of different Jeff Beck autographs. Anyone know if this is genuine?

Steve Hamilton… Any idea of the year? I am no expert but he generally signed with the “e” in Jeff as a “backward 3” – regardless that is great vinyl.



Muller and Old Silver – Executive Hotel 21st January 1971


MULLER and OLD SILVER. Executive Hotel 21st January 1971. Muller line up was probably Iain Cobby, Steve Demetri, Jon McCallion and Steve Kinch. Anyone remember who Old Silver were?

Jon McCallion… Long time ago. Old Silver I can’t for the life of me remember who they are.

Andy Qunta… “Old Silver” sounds familiar! I definitely saw Muller – maybe I was at this gig!

Len Smith… believe Muller line-up about 70/71 was Paul Dove, Steve Demetri, Jon McCallion and Paul Wiseman who was succeeded by Steve Kinch

Jimi Hendrix – Today in 1968 (Jan 21st) Jimi recorded all along the watchtower


Today in 1968, Jimi Hendrix recorded his version of Bob Dylan’s All Along the Watchtower at Olympic Studios in London. Rolling Stone Brian Jones also played on the session. It was released on the album Electric Ladyland in September ’68 and reached number five in the British singles charts.

John Wilde…..Magic. first live band I ever saw aged 14. He destroyed his equipment. Windsor, Thames Hotel. 1965. I never recovered.

Chris Meachen….As a kid, Jimi was the person I would have most liked to have met.. What a loss to the world of music…

Pete Fisher…..definitely a jukebox favourite back in the day!

Phil Gill.….I only have to hear the first three chords of the intro and I tingle all over


Andre Palfrey-martin collection

Andy Qunta…..That would have been great to see JHE at the Pier! Unfortunately we hadn’t moved to Hastings by then. Still at boarding school in fact. However, we did con the school into letting us go to see the famous “Jimi Hendrix Jazz Trio” at the Albert Hall, in Feb ’69! What an experience, literally!

Chris Baker.….I was at the front of the crowd. Totally stunned!

Matt Thomas……When my old dad was working for Ellis Son & Vidlers Wine Merchants he delivered to an old country house somewhere in Kent quite a few crates of wine,it was where Hendrix was staying at the time on his British visit,anyway my dad said that as soon as he started driving through the gates he could smell a very sweet smell lol my poor old dad didnt have a clue

David Crosby R.I.P.

2012 photo © Christopher Michel

Eric Harmer… Sad news

Lesley Brown… Absolutely loved his music.

David Ambridge… A man that wasn’t shy to air his opinion’s .. pissed a few people off in the process..but hey, what some music he made. Well documented his drink and drug abuse..but still one of my favorite musicians. David Crosby. God bless you.

Gin Genie… Sad news

Cathy Cobley… a true great

Alan Esdaile… Terrible news. He’s given us some wonderful music which will live on. I remember seeing the documentary ‘Remember My Name’ which gave me a complete different insight into him and he came across as a really nice guy. Very sad

Harry Randall… This is starting to be a bad year for musicians!

Dennis Torrance… Very sad indeed just so many greats gone RIP David condolences to family friends and fans


Steak at The Alexandra Hotel Eversfield Place St Leonards-On-Sea

Colin Bell… Remember eating there, very good it was too

Liane Carroll… I was conceived there! My nan and granddad used to own it!!

Peter Houghton… I worked there when it was owned by the Turkish people who owned the Granville Bexhill and also the Queens

Nadia Compagnone… This was our treat for a family occasion in the 1960/1970s. Absolutely loved going to the Alexandra. So exciting.

Jenny Power… Our family also went there for my 21st…

Pauline Sims… Jenny, same for me too!

Jane Hartley… We used to dance to the band’s in there. Also had my first champagne at a meal in the restaurant.