Watneys Party Seven

post suggested and supplied by Andy Ives

Allan Mitchell… I remember those days!.

Andy James Long… What’s the difference between Watneys red barrel and making love near a stream?……. they’re both fucking near water.

Ian Johnson… Remember my Dad drinking this

Steve Thorpe… It was crap

Roland Clarke… And people bemoan how we live these days. I’d doubt many would even drink that with the range of better alternatives available.

Alan Esdaile… Didn’t taste good but it was cheap.

Mike Guy… Alan, headache in a can!

Dennis Torrance… Drunk a lot of these lol

Mike Mitchell… Our payment for a gig at university was “one party seven”. Never got to drink it though as the rugby club style it. Hey ho rock and roll

Phil Foley… Busted my nose at a party trying to open one of these! Still, got plenty of attention from the girls trying to staunch the river of blood puring out of my nose though

David Edwards… It was still a cut above Shepherd Neame

Trevor Jones… David, Try Shepherd Neame East India Pale Ale or the superb double stout or 1698 ale.In fact all the Sheps bottled beers are good.

Andy Ives… Trevor, totally agree

Mick Knights… I can remember coming to one morning at the Reading festival to witness George Burr opening a party seven and saying ‘breakfast’!!

Virginia Davis… Still got the sparklet attachment. Hubby is forever optimistic they will make a return

Bookham Ally… Anyone got an opener?

Drew Drew Barney… So much more attractive than a six pack!

Chris Wood… Usually lost half of it trying to get a second hole in the can to let pressure out….Oh…and it was shite

Colin Jefferys… You can still buy it as they relaunched it a couple of years ago. Bloody expensive though

Paul Coleman… Roland Clarke? Did you used to go to The Down School for boys? ‘Cos if you did, we were in the same class.

Roland Clarke… Paul, not me I’m afraid, I’m a Hastings and St Leonard’s lad born and bred.

Peter Avann… C’mon on lads Watneys was the worst beer ever made

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