Disco – Conduit Hill, Rye 70’s

photo © Stephen Smith

Stephen Smith… Does anyone remember these two, they used to put on Discos every Friday night at the hall at the bottom of Conduit hill in the early 70s it was always a great night hardly ever any trouble, great days a long time ago, & no we weren’t DC disco he was another guy around at the same time.

Colin Winn… Nope.

Franky Appleman… no… but the lad in the right looks like the guy who plays Jay in the Inbetweeners

Kevin Williams… Left is Steve Smith and right is Phil Hays. Both lived in Camber.

Stuart Moir… There was no trouble because we were all adults and appreciated all the effort the guys put into entertaining the crowd with their collection of 45s

Elizabeth Murby… I don’t, but I grew up in Northamptonshire , bangin the middle of Kislingbury a village itself in the middle of Northamptonshire, a county itself in the centre of England

Ralph Town… I well remember DC disco. Used to help Alan with his gear. Pretty sure he’d be gone by now. Nice guy.

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