Adam Faith – Battle Of Hastings Mods & Rockers Exhibition – Hastings Museum 2002

all supplied by Anthony ‘Nan’ Morland

Anthony ‘Nan’ Morland… I remember asking Adam Faith to sign the cd, which I purchased from Old Town Music in George Street. He said he had never seen the cd before but still was happy to sign it.

Monica Bane…Thanks Alan, For sharing the memories Monica!

Monica is in the white jacket in the photo.

Matt Thomas… My mum would have been so jealous of Jenny

Margaret Trowell… I’ve just recently read Adam’s autobiography …loved it, fascinating stuff

Patricia Burgess… Was so in love with Adam and bought all his records to Canada with me, met him in Montreal in 64. So sad to learn of his death

Phil Scott… I was there as Mayor at the time and I said to Adam, Did you ever believe that when you were making records you would eventually become part of a Museum Exhibition, He turned and smiled at me and said “Never” He said he should used that in his speech that he made ahead of opening the event.

Andy Gunton… I remember it well. I compiled the music that was used during the exhibition & on the day

Phil Scott… Andy, I thought the exhibition was excellent, Bit of a Coup as well getting Adam to ‘Open’ The Exhibition, Quite a draw he was.

Andy Gunton… Phil, It was very good. Adam was certainly a big hit with the ladies & seemed like a nice guy.

Phil Scott… Yes he was on both counts. I don’t remember seeing many pics of the event, I had one taken with Adam and another guy who was showing a motorbike off. I’ll dig it out and post it. A guy who worked for the Council took a few and sent me a couple of the outside if the Museum with Bikers etc milling around.

Jean Brett… I remember at the museum I took a lot of photos of him my first pin up singer

Mark Randall… I nearly ran our Adam over when he was crossing the road from Hoopers to RTW station

Stewart Rockett… I recall taking my grandson to the museum on a whim when the exhibition was on. He was fascinated by a red Vespa scooter in a display case, as he couldn’t work why someone would want to park a vehicle in a glass garage.

Mick O’Dowd… I remember going as I was a 60’s Mod. Afraid i’m classed as a skinhead now!

Kate Recknell-Page… Used to love his music – happy days x

Sally Evans… very happy days


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