What were your favourite sweets and chocolate bars as a kid?

Ian Mantel… There was a great sweet shop in Mount Road in the 1970’s, run by an elderly couple.

John Wilde… Barley twists, Sherbet dip

Andy Knight… Pyes Bungalow in Silverhill, blue sweets on boat race day

Peter Fairless… Spangles!

Mick O’Dowd… Sherbert Fountain (with liqorice straw natch), aniseed balls and flying saucers.

Alan Pepper… My faves were pink shrimps  from  Godfrey’s in Blackman Avenue  as a kid !

Tony Davis… I always used to like Jamboree bags. We used to buy them from Dennie Franks newsagents in Plynlimmon Road. To think in the fifties we had two sweet shops, a grocers, a greengrocers, a bakers and an off licence/grocers in little old Plynlimmon Road. In those days the West Hill was a thriving little local shopping community. Sorry to go on it all started with thinking back to buying a Jamboree bag!

Sarah Harvey… At 4 of these for 1d… a bargain and the aftermath of eating Black Jacks gave the impression you had been drinking Duckhams Oil

Clifford Rose… I liked the most wine gums, caramac chocolate, acid drop spangles, smarties, sherbet fountains and love hearts!

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