Gong with Daevid Allen and their Jazz – De La Warr Pavilion Bexhill – 10th Dec 1973



supplied by Sarah Harvey

Tony Ham… I’ve got that album, not sure how as it’s not my type of music, someone must have recommended them, but I’ve got two of their albums.

Sarah Harvey…  I was talking to a prog rock fan at the IQ gig last night and he mentioned Gong. He thought they were a bit odd. I said that I saw them on Hastings Pier during the 1970s and I didn’t get them either….. however 40 years on…… I still don’t get ’em

Alan King… 49p for a whole pot of tea – a bargain. I used to bump into David Allen in Deia, Majorca where i got to play with this fella at the International Music Festival – and yes I was completely out of my depth !

Anne Murray… I saw them on Hastings pier too. The boyfriend I was with knew them and we went back stage.

Ray Fenwick guitars for auction.



Click on link and go to lot 351 through to lot 390.

Catherine Ireland… That is so sad. I remember some of those guitars. Ray treated them with such respect and love. I’m so sad

The Clash photos – Hastings Pier 12th November 1977. photos © Martin van der Grinten

Paul Simonon backstage at Hastings Pavillion

photos © Martin van der Grinten https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100005516208466

Ken Hatch… Great bass player

Ian Johnson… I was at the Clash gig on the pier when they had the Cimarons as the back up band a really great night

Willie Wicking… Was at this one

Douglas Palmer… I don’t recall the Clash on Hastings Pier but from 1971-76 I worked for Berfort Reproductions whose joint owner John Berwick regularly promoted groups on the Pier. I particularly remember Suzi Quattro. At the time of booking she was relatively unknown but by the time of her appearance in Hastings Can The Can was No 1 in the charts. Myself and my work colleagues had various duties that evening and were rewarded with meeting Suzi after the gig, my 15 year old nephew was overwhelmed to meet her. During the early 70’s John Berwick also had promotions including amongst others Thin Lizzy. Fun days

Peter Fairless… Thin Lizzy were a no show

Peter Houghton… I saw the Clash on the Pier and they signed my single for me

Slade In Flame Film – The Curzon Cinema St Leonards 23rd February 1975

Pete Fairless… What a great film!

Derek Clemans… Bloody hell. … I went to see that at the Curzon.

Carol Ann Bolton…  I’ve not heard of this before. Must try and see it?

Graham Burfield… Just watched it on DVD still a great film

Mick Knights… The Curzon was a delight at the matinee interval when tea and biscuits were available, which reflected the age of their usual cinema goer!!!


15th February 1971 was Decimal Day. Who remembers?

Kate Recknell-Page…Yep I know exactly where I was – at work in the BEA East workshop at Hatton Cross our 20min tea break took over an hour by the time everyone got served!!! Poor canteen ladies were soo stressed out coping with giving out the correct change !!!

Lorna Brazier… Definatly do. My granny gave me a brand new 50p piece for my birthday. I was chuffed to bits, It was my 5th birthday and I bought myself a new doll.

Leigh Wieland-Boys… My first job (Saturday girl in a supermarket) was in ‘old money’ and remember the change over and confusion it caused

Lynne Smith… My first day of work was decimal day!

Steve Thorpe… I remember training sessions at work and I wasn’t in the retail trade.

Graham Sherrington… Beer Doubled in price

Dave Nattress… Well I’m hazy about the details, but Yeah I remember it, but worst thing of all, 50 YEARS AGO, almost unbelievable!

Chris White… Remember it well

Jane Hartley… I was working in Acres the Bakers Mount Pleasant Road.

Raven – Saturdays Discotheque Hastings February 1977

Shaun Pont… Second right, Paul Ray

Len Smith… Believe line-up is ?, Dave Hacker, Paul Ray & Alan Davies.

John Kitcher… Paul Ray I played with many times.

Chris Coleman… Second from left Dave Acker

Mark Little… Paul Ray, Dave acker

Alan Davies… L to r Aus Tony, Dave Hacker, Paul Ray and me

John Stafford… ‘Tony’ is Tony Saxton (Bass)

Dawn… Hi, I remember Saturdays and all the other discos/nightclubs in Hastings and St. Leonards in the early to mid 80’s but just cannot think of the name of the one under the Queens Hotel. Can anyone enlighten me please?

Alan Esdaile… Are you thinking of Bonitas, Dawn?

Judy Atkinson… I remember it as Bonitas till about 1975, then Queen of Clubs

Tony Ball… Tell Paul I hope his broken leg got better, ( six months in a cast!) We had to get another drummer, PR Combo.

Dawn… Hi Alan, I don’t think so, the 70’s was a bit too early for me and I don’t remember it being the Queen of clubs either. – definitely something else in the 80’s

Alan Esdaile… What about Lazybones or Emmas, Dawn?

Nelson King… I played with the great Paul Ray in a few bands.. a great drummer..

Who ate jelly cubes straight from the pack?

shared from Sheila Goss

Alan Esdaile… Yes guilty!! I would always offer to help mum if she was making a jelly but wasn’t a good idea to give me the job of splitting the cubes. One would always disappear!

Merv Kennard… Wasn’t it the law that you ate at least one cube.

Colin Bell… Guilty as charged!…sorry, again….mum!

Ann Hogg… Oh yes!

Shaun Cramp… Yep

Kate Recknell-Page… Yep done that on a few occasions!!

Wendy Weaver… I still nick some now

Pete Prescott… Yep!

Antonia Jacobs… Before I found out what it was made from

Robert Fisher… Yes

Edward Adams… i did

Stuart Moir… When my mum had no money for sweet treats, kids today don’t know how our parents struggled to make ends meet after the war, it was a bloody sight worse than todays families on benefits I can tell you, and don’t think this is bullshit .

Dave Nattress… Now you mention it – Yes!

SindySnap… Good for your nails and hair

Tracy Birrell… I used to buy it with my pocket money instead of sweets sometimes…..now I know what it’s made from.

Pete Brazier… Oops! Me (when I could get away with it lol

Martin Richter… i loved this and even in my 20’s still had tea with my nan every friday. she’d always give me some goodies to take home – including jelly (every week!) i didn’t want to upset her so took in good faith – but i had a cupboard full! anyway, returning from the pub with my best mate he decided to open some jelly, tear off a square and proceeded to thumb-toss them onto the ceiling – where they stuck! this was hilarious until at about 3am when they started dropping to the floor with a *thud* every 5 mins!

Peter Houghton… Trouble is one is not enough so may be pieces just a little water

Reid McDuffie… Me

Susan Butchers… The only way I would eat it

Paul Kershaw… Who didn’t

Oliver Leonard… ewww no.

John Warner… Yes

Dave Weeks… It was a tough chew though

Mick O’Dowd… Guilty M’lud!

Dawn… Yes and still do. I buy it to make jelly and then myself and grandchildren just end up eating it all straight from the packet. Still just as good

David Edwards… Guilty M’lud.

Who went to Carnaby Street in the swinging 60’s?

photo: 1968 – H.Grobe

Thanks to John Busbridge for suggesting this post.

Wendy Weaver… Fascinsting. Takes me back to happy times when I worked there

Peter Fortsch… Really Cool man. And i love the fantastic classic motors.

Lucy Pappas… Wonderful piece of film, Al, thank you x

Paul Crimin… How sad to think that all of those ‘pretty young things’ are now 53 years older. I wish I’d been born ten years earlier when I see film like that.

John Busbridge… I was just 20 years old in 1967 and used to go to Carnaby Sreet to buy some of my clothes!

Moya Wilson… This is fantastic !!! Takes you right back !!

Liz Dianto… Fascinating

Gerry Fortsch… I still have my Sgt Pepper jacket I purchased in 1967/68 up in the loft sadly it has shrunk a little I think.

Ian Tee… Carnaby street by day then Wardour street for the night. Happy times

Alan Parker… Oh WoW. I remember it like it was yesterday. was a regular Saturday trip for me , was about 18 then

Colin Bell… Great stuff John, bought my first ‘stage gear’ there in 1968 and Ravel shoes! good times

Ian Tee… do you remember “Topper” shoe shop. Just down from Ravel.

Colin Bell… Vaguely Ian, but you know what they say about the 60’s

Paul Marshall… That’s quite special.

John William Willis… Just got stationed in Chelsea barracks what a place to visit , we came back with flowery shirts etc the older soldiers took a dim view , Whats this!!! they were from another generation some were from the war 2 etc from 20 years ago we did not understand them either

Alan Esdaile… I remember buying a hippy bell in Carnaby Street.

Alan Parker… did you wear the blue tinted Lenon glasses too Alan. I was a hippy too gave out flowers in Kentish town and Camden town. Lost count of how many times I got told to get a job or a haircut. Don’t think I was being given a choice , it was just their way of telling me to F… off

Martin Stoggell… I remember buying some blue suede shoes down there about that time. Magic

Martin Curcher… When people actually talked face to face and not a mobile phone in sight, how good was that?

John Gale… How great that someone had the foresight to think something great is going on here in Carnaby Street let’s film it. Not alot of that going on in detail these days. Just snippets from mobile phones

Dave Nattress… Yeah definitely but not really knowing what to expect I found it quite a disappointingly short street, maybe was thinking it would be like Oxford Street. But, during those late 60’s and into the early 70’s the other places we went to were the Kings Road, Chelsea, – “Granny Takes a Trip” etc. The Chelsea Drugstore (Pub), Kensington Market a huge building, two/three floors full of stalls, jewellery, shoes, clothes, loon pants, Tie-dye T shirts, Cheesecloth shirts, Kurta’s, Afghan coats, Joss sticks, Musk oil, Patchouli Oil, BIBA – Kensington and Petticoat Lane Market off Aldgate on a Sunday morning. Topper shoes, Ravel, platforms, stacked wooden heels. Great days to have experienced and so long ago!

Steve Maxted… Most of my outfits were made there by a well known tailor. Also bought many crazy shoes and boots up there

John Warner… Me too, had a great collection of shirts and Robin Hood boots

Nick Prince… I love it