15th February 1971 was Decimal Day. Who remembers?

Kate Recknell-Page…Yep I know exactly where I was – at work in the BEA East workshop at Hatton Cross our 20min tea break took over an hour by the time everyone got served!!! Poor canteen ladies were soo stressed out coping with giving out the correct change !!!

Lorna Brazier… Definatly do. My granny gave me a brand new 50p piece for my birthday. I was chuffed to bits, It was my 5th birthday and I bought myself a new doll.

Leigh Wieland-Boys… My first job (Saturday girl in a supermarket) was in ‘old money’ and remember the change over and confusion it caused

Lynne Smith… My first day of work was decimal day!

Steve Thorpe… I remember training sessions at work and I wasn’t in the retail trade.

Graham Sherrington… Beer Doubled in price

Dave Nattress… Well I’m hazy about the details, but Yeah I remember it, but worst thing of all, 50 YEARS AGO, almost unbelievable!

Chris White… Remember it well

Jane Hartley… I was working in Acres the Bakers Mount Pleasant Road.

4 thoughts on “15th February 1971 was Decimal Day. Who remembers?”

  1. I remember how I hadn’t been that interested in it beforehand…..until on the day, I began to wonder if I had the coinage to get me to work experience at Hastings. You’ll be pleased to know I did.

  2. Wow 50 years ago i remember sitting in the Bodega bar that evening and trying to work out my change as a pint of red barrel beer used to be half a crown before decimalation lol

  3. Yes, just about recall starting to learn how to add up in maths and then my teacher saying we all had to start again with a different set of rules – much easier though, than all those sixpenny’s and shillings and 12p to the pound


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