P M Jackson Queens Arcade Hastings 1975

Louis Comfort-Wiggett… Stallion!

Dave Nattress… Well I sort of remember a Jackson in the arcade. Wondering if it was connected to Peter Jackson’s a men’s clothes shop in Bexhill on the corner of Sackville Road and Wickham Avenue . When I was a lad, the only place we knew of to get half decent gear. was Peter Jackson’s in Bexhill. Otherwise it was Wards and old men’s shops. The Trading Post in Hastings of course for hippie great-coats – ex. fire brigade I think and ex. German army para’s fatigue trousers. “Peter Jackson” in Bexhill used to sell me my Levi 501’s for £3, 2 and 6, shrink to fit style, (this was the only style), buy them a size bigger than you wanted to get a good fit when they shrunk in the wash, wore them in the bath, in the sea, washed them time and time again in the local Laundromat – see Rory Gallagher – there’s a good track , to get them to fade. This would be from about 1968. Also got Levi denim shirts and anything a little bit out there came from Peter Jackson’s.

Mark Jackson… Hi this was first my grandads business then my dads & I worked in them when a teenager – there were shops in Trinity Street, The Arcade, Bexhill & Hailsham.

ITT KB cassette recorder

supplied by Archie Lauchlan

Archie Lauchlan… I coveted this cassette deck when I was about 14 but my mum couldn’t afford to buy it – now I discover an ITT-KB Museum exists (coincidentally just down the road from my childhood home in Essex) and got one myself. Happy days.

Colin Bell… I had one of those!

Alan Esdaile… So did I

Alan Parker… still have one and still use it

Martin Richter… i had one with rotary controls – £12 in the early 70’s

Mark Hallam… I had one without the false wood. Was chrome

Yvonne Cleland… I had a Grundig one. It was excellent for audio-recording gigs.

Deborah Ewing… My dad bought my Mum that for Christmas one year. I loved it. She used to tape the charts and Jimmy Seville’s old Record club. I didn’t correct the autocorrect

Pete Houghton… I had one of these and used to try and record concerts on the Pier

Will Cornell… Supposedly a battery powered portable cassette player/recorder similar to this recorded Keith Richards’ acoustic guitar/intro part to “Street Fighting Man” and JImmy Miller and the Stones just added it to the multitrack process.

Jacqueline Marsh… My dad had one I always thought it looked beautiful

Leigh Wieland-Boys… My first car was a Moggy, no radio, so had one of those in the car….when the batteries started to go flat (more often than not) the tapes slowed down!

Andy Gunton… I had an ITT model very similar to that, loved it. ITT used to have a factory in Paddock Wood btw, which is where mine came

Jimbo Tipler… The scent of 1970’s electronic equipment should be bottled and sold

Kaz Baker… I wonder how many tapes were mangled in my one, it was quite a few, most were salvageable with some sticky tape though

Eddie Larnerd Lane… I still have one

Jeff Belton… I used to have one with the mic.

Dave Nattress…Honestly had exactly this model and others. Friends worked there and you could get the odd one out the back door – not nicked truly but sort of staff discounted or scratched etc etc Prior to getting the first cassette player fixed in the car way, way back, you’d have this on the front seat blaring away. A later bigger model was “stereo” Black/silver, used to use it to record band rehearsals – 5 pin din plug wasn’t it and cheap microphone. I had a Reel to reel but far too much messing around.

Jim Miller… I had one.

Tim Moose Bruce… Had a black and silver one. Had mains plug and 5 pin din socket. Had another Philips machine in the house. Knocked up a 2 channel mixer with some old potentiometers. Did a sort of multi track recording. Really muddy sound!

Wing Nut… I had one of these and I still miss it. One of the better sounding ones at the time. Replaced it with a Revox A77.

Mark Hallam… I had one took it everywhere

Peter Houghton… Yes I remember

Robin Watson… Wing Nut, You went from the ITT to a Revox A77?? Something of an improvement!


The Deep Purple – The Happening Club Kings Road, St Leonards photo & Canterbury gig.

The Happening1-1

St.Mildred's Hall Dance.

supplied by Peter Horton, last photo supplied by Len Benton

Peter Horton…. The photos show our original singer Kevin Clark who became manager/ Transport Manager when Tich joined Deep Purple and Mick O’Dowd left as manager. Before we became Deep Purple on Friday 4th August, 1967 we were called ” The Likes Of Us ” . We were all originally school friends from Bexhil and first got together in 1963. We went through many changes of names and members. The photo is taken at The Happening Club, Kings Road, St Leonards.