The Golden Egg, York Buildings, Hastings 1974

Andy Clarke… My brother and I were always in there. Loved the place.

Christine Pachner… The Golden Egg in Haymarket London 1970 – sausages on French bread 🥖. Worked in NatWest next door and always had a 20min break mid morning

Helen Downton… Used to love being taken to The Golden Egg for a treat!

Wendy Weaver… An old friend’s teeth flew out and across the floor in the Golden Egg. They ended up under a foreign couple’s table who looked horrified until they realised we were in hysterics and joined in the laughter.

Graham Sherrington… woow dont remember this place!!!

Allan Mitchell… I remember those days

Chris Meachen… Enjoyed many milk shakes in there…

Jo Turner… Elizabeth Turner and I worked there yes 😊 In 1974 exactly

Andy Ives…


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