SMART coffee meet 65 report

A packed 65th meet . Among the newbies this time were Rita and Colin Allcorn, Ian Mantel, Jackie Ayres, Joan Britcher, Lee Davis, Rose Graven, Vivien Hopgood and Ian Marketis. Rita was talking about her accordion band ‘Sound Accord’, when she was a music teacher and seeing The Move, The Hollies and The Rolling Stones on the pier. Colin has happy memories of seeing Cliff Richard in concert in Brighton. Ian Mantel was talking about his love of rock music with some excellent local live groups especially ‘Freak Flag’. Jackie had happy memories of seeing The Small Faces and Joan was chatting about her relative who plays in the popular country and western duo ‘Cooper Hayes’. Lee, Rose and Vivien were meeting up again for the first time in 40 years and reminiscing about the wonderful times that had in Scalliwags. Ian Marketis was talking about his love of ‘Queen’ and had with him the very rare and collectable large leather-bound photo album of Killer Queen by Mick Rock, which had Mick’s, Roger Taylor and Brian May’s autographs inside. Mo Elms came along with some radio badges of Radio 1, Free Radio, Radio Luxembourg and also Radio Caroline and Legalise CB. The last two I’m pretty sure were made at Masons Music and printed by Kevin Carlyon! Merv Kennard had photos of his Pirate Disco at The Alexandra Hotel and also a photo of Les Harding in Centre Page at the De La Warr Pavilion in 1975. Anthony ‘Nan’ Morland had an autographed photo of ‘Keane’ in Alexandra Park in 2005 and Eric Burdon’s 60th birthday party T Shirt from 2001. Pete Millington had with him, Paul and Linda McCartney’s autograph’s, Rev Stockdale photo, The Hollies first line up autographed photo from 1963 and ‘The Remains’ who supported The Beatles at Shea Stadium, autographed photo. Barry French brought along a copy of Tammy magazine from 1973 featuring Marc Bolan and Elton John with the odd cover price of 3 1/2p. He also had a copy of the ‘Lovers Seat’ Fairlight postcard, a spade scrapper which he made in metalwork and a weaved school basket! Lin Russell had various music magazines including Disco 45, Mickie, Mirabelle, Music Star, Superstar 73, autographed postcard of ‘The Mission’ and autographed photo of ‘The Corrs’ , as well as T Rex posters and Barry White programme. Sorry I didn’t get chance to chat to everyone. If you had anything interesting you were talking about or anything I missed out, then please feel free to add.

Jon McCallion… Great turnout Alan, enjoyed seeing and talking to everyone, nice afternoon

Cris & Merv Kennard… Another good afternoon, catching up with lots of friends. Thanks Alan. 

Mick O’Dowd… Started slow and I thought that it might be the cold weather. Then it seemed a coach load of people arrived and is was quite packed. Nice to see some newbies and especially from the female (am I allowed to say that?) of the species! Brings a bit of diversity (I can say that!) to the proceedings! Well done Alan.

David Jenkins… Had a fantastic afternoon , especially meeting a lot of new people and having a good chat about music

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