Who remembers Disco 45 Magazine?

I think it was Tich that introduced me to Trevor Bolton and his partner Barry. They had offices in Hastings at Silverhill and Claremont. I worked on a few projects with them. Anyone know if Trevor is still around? The magazines were sold in The Disc Jockey. However a number of times the lyrics were wrong. They paid for the rights to reproduce them but had to work out the lyrics themselves by stopping and starting the records to work out the words. I remember when Soft Cell hit big, WH Smith wanted them to produce a special magazine, however the photos that came through from Soft Cell’s management were too obscene for Smith’s to accept it. They also went on and produced a Top Of The Pops magazine.

Jane Dorsett… I still have mine.

Julie Morris… I’ve still got some copies! Loved it!

Leigh Wieland-Boys… My favourite magazine of the time! Wish I’d kept mine

Wendy Belton… I still have a collection of these and sometimes look at them now. I love anything like that. Won’t ever get rid of them.

Ralph Town… I remember reading the lyrics to Virginia Plain and Crocodile Rock,both of which were wrong but I did enjoy that little paper, great fun.

Dave Nattress… Jane, I remember them well and all the posters on the walls of your bedroom. David Cassidy, Slade, Sweet, Rod Stewart, Donny (probably).

Julie Morris… I had 62 photos on my bedroom wall of David Cassidy – can’t bear to look at him now 😂😩

Alan Esdaile… It couldn’t have been forever, then Julie.

Julie Morris… Breaking up is hard to do Alan!

Martin Richter… I took some photos for them once – a guy called Tony Walsh asked me

Peter Houghton… I seem to remember that they had a couple of more that did the songs of the week / month

Ralph Town… I remember having the copy with Roy Wood on the front,for the Alice Cooper lyrics

Andy Davies… For a few brief years brought in religiously, I think my favourite music mag though was Disc & Music Echo..

Andrew Bantock… Rye actually. Well that’s where the Trevor Bolton Partnership was based.

Shaun Pont… Sedlescombe.

Graham Matthews… The Guy behind Smash Hits magazine lived in Sedlescombe, he was a customer at our garage, not sure about this magazine.

Leigh Wieland-Boys… I used to get it delivered!

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  1. Jane, I remember them well and all the posters on the walls of your bedroom. David Cassidy, Slade, Sweet, Rod Stewart, Donny (probably).


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