Decca Records World Of Series


This is a great compilation from 1969.

Pete Fairless…..Yes, I had that one. I  bought so many albums as a result of hearing the tracks on this.

Jim Breeds…..Yep. Still got some I think. Mostly my Mum & Dad’s though so unlikely to be boat floaters on this page.

Mick Mepham….That was one of my first albums ever!!

Andre Martin…..A classic collection of some of the most popular releases in the mid 1960s.

Ralph Town……I had both versions of The World Of David Bowie.One had a Ziggy era pic and the other his “under the control of Marc Bolan” era pic. All tracks from 66 to 68.Karma Man,The Gospel according to Tony day,Let me Sleep Beside You. Great tunes. Nice to listen to when doing your ironing lol

Mick O’Dowd…..The World of Bowie with the Laughing Gnome.

Eugene Hughes… Omg. I had that. The memories

Alan Pepper… The world of BLUES POWER VOL 2 was an excellent album Keef Harley John Mayall Savoy Brown etc….



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