Waverley – Farewell sailings from Hastings 30th April 1979

Pete Fairless… Sooooooo…. were Hasting Pier ever to get its landing stage back, are there any ships left that could visit it?

Jim Breeds… http://www.waverleyexcursions.co.uk

Mike Mitchell… I knew that ship had made trips from the pier but hadn’t realised it was 1979. My father in law was on the previous HMS Waverley when it was sunk off Dunkirk. Thankfully he jumped before it went down

Kevin Burchett… Jim and the steamer the balmoral

Carol Ann Bolton… I used to go on that in Helensburgh, Scotland.

Steve Cooke…. We may be able to talk the Waverley into making a visit. It is coming down to the Dorset coast in September. I went on it about 30 years ago when it visited. http://www.waverleyexcursions.co.uk/plan…/south-coast/

Keith Cowper… Remember that !

Steve May…  I *might* have been on this trip – was definitely late ’70s with my primary school so definitely this era

May Marriott… My Mum and Dad went on that!

Doug Prentice… Many happy trips on the Waverley down the Clyde as a boy and still sailing regularly in Scotland.

Sandy Max… I have a photo of me jokingly tied up to a post on a breakwater with the Waverley steaming past behind me… was definitely 1979, probably the May sailing

Victoria Staley… I remember going on the Waverley as a school trip from Burwash Primary – it could have been 1979! Thanks for the memory.

Ingrid Parker… Loved the trip my husband and I had on it x

Denise Denyer… Wow I remember the Waverley when I was younger

Sarah Martin… I went on it too

Steve Hodson… Remember doing a school trip with Elphinstone Juniors that year.

Mick Bassett…  I always wanted to go on the Waverly but just too expensive for my Parents purse in the 50’s and early 60’s and by 1965, I had moved away from home. (I left School at 15, as was very common then

Charlotte Wirth… What happened to the boat

Gavin Ronald Upstill… The Waverley is still going strong and is based here in Scotland. Hopefully one day I will get to take a trip on her.

Tony Harris… It sank off the Gower Coast and I covered the story.

Diana Tanner… Went to Eastbourne and back from Hastings pier in the 50s, remember it so well..Happy memories..

Mick O’Dowd… Went several times on round trip to Eastbourne. For an fee you could go out around the then Sovereign Lightship. On one trip, with my Dad , we counted all the jellyfish on the way in the days when we had a plague of jellyfish come up the Channel every year. Mostly Portugese Men’o’ War which were quite venomous.

Tracy Walton… I was on one of those. Went with my school. Great day out.

Jan DogMuvva Lowthorpe… I went with school(church wood primary)

Chris Benner… Looks wonderful. Wish we had something like this now, offering trips from eg the pier. Anyone for the Skylark!

Brian Kemp… I remember it there

Geraldine Vinall… I was on it!! As kids we were taken from the end of the pier to the Isle of Wight on a paddle steamer!!

David Nicholson… Went on that ship in the late 50s with my father wonderful experience!

Julie Munday… I challenge anyone to get from Hastings to Southsea and back in 3 hours now! Shame it’s not still going

The Confederates – Home Grown 22nd March 1966



supplied by Pete Millington https://pet842.wixsite.com/confeds-to-jinks

Here’s the recording…

Peter Millington….The Confederates on 22nd March 1966 just before appearing on “Home Grown” a Television competition which was an early version of The X-Factor. Judges were George Melly – Jazz Singer, Johnny Morris – Animal man and children’s TV presenter, Mike Mansfield – Director of Southern ITV and Eve Taylor – Aritist Agent. The show was compared by Bill Pertwee of Dads Army fame (The Warden). — with Terry Chedzoy, Peter (Ginger) Millington, Keith (Budge) Harrison-Burgess, Paul Burton and Johnny Conroy.

Barry French… Great photo. What an amazing experience that must have been.

Pete Millington… That was certainly a “brown trousers” experience. So many heats to get to that final then to come second – hey ho, loved every minute of being a Confederate between 1962 to 1966/7

Robert Searle… Great photo Pete.

Colin Bell… You haven’t changed much Peter, have you got a picture in the attic..

Pete Millington… You’re too kind Colin. No I haven’t and I still avoid mirrors 😩 Oh to be 19 again

Royal British Legion, Haig House, Station Road, Hastings and the Chip Shop!

Photo source: Hastings Library Archives.

John Gale… Beano Burgers and mushy peas !!!!

Elaine Venables… John, Glad someone has posted this up. I remember this fish & chip shop also the beano burgers. Used to love them wish I knew where these people that ran this had gone, as nobody does those now.

John Gale… I had a beano burger sober once, never again

Tim Moose Bruce… They were made at Buss foods at Ponswood Estate. Also Sheppies, which were minced beef with sauce in a casing of mashed potato and coated with breadcrumbs. And Chickies. Same as a Sheppie but with chicken in white sauce instead of beef. Used to work at the factory as a maintenance engineer from 76 to 88.

Elaine Venables… Yes I remember the sheppies as well. Don’t remember chickies though lol. Are buss foods still on Ponswood Estate do you know & do they still do them. Would be good to know.

Tim Moose Bruce… Sadly no. They got bought out by Anglo Dutch Meats who went under.

Andy Clarke… John, 26p for a beano burger

Geoffrey Head… John, yes lovely Beano Burgers. Eat 2 no charge if i remember right

Lee Elliston… They were made on site by the owner. Bernie. They were as he always said, beefburger,beans,sandwiched in bread, battered and fried. Nothing called sheppies was ever sold there. Soz mate no brake brothers

Mark Rodrigues… I can’t place this road

Roamine Fulton-hart… it runs from the left hand side of Priory Meadow car park, the Primark side

Andy Ives… I remember it being quite a good chippy

John Fox… I had a Saturday job in thet chippy when I was 14.

Lee Elliston… John, I worked there with Bernie from about 1975. Met my best mate Noel there when he started the year after. Had a great time and always had money in my pocket.

John Fox… Yeh Bernie..Nice bloke. I didn’t work there for long..about a year or so but had a great time.

Matt Thomas… Got a photo somewhere of Siouxsie & The Banshees in there after their gig on The Pier.

Sheila Maile… There were houses at the bottom where my parents lived early 50s

Nigel Sinden… Sheila, do you remember the Sinden’s that live there?

Jim Reilly… Best wee chippy in town! Lived round the corner at top of Middle Street

Madeline Reade… Best Fish & chips and lovely people who run it.

Martin Richter… *chip shop memories* could be a whole new thing

Teresa Freeman… yes was a good chippy we lived next door but one our 1st house in 1979 x

Roger Dando… The Cav !

Neil McGuigan… 5 pints and a Beano Burger that was our regular boys Only Friday night out.

Allan Mitchell… I remember those days!

Judy Atkinson… I used to take my rabbits & guinea pigs to shows at the British Legion in the late 60s/early 70s

Chris Meachen… Ah, Bernie & his beanoburgers, his fame spread far & wide.. Also used to go to aquarium club every Friday, downstairs in the British legion..

Andy Clarke… Used to buy 2pence worth of chips and have onion vinegar on them when I was a kid. Loved that chippy.

Stuart Moir… Long before the cricket ground was built on. Our chippy’s always bought fish locally, portions were massive, had to be careful not to buy with your eyes

David Wright… I used to go to that chip shop when i worked at Abraham’s radio & tv Queens Road 73-78

Tony Court-holmes… remember it well

Paul Cullen… Amazing chippie, used it a couple of times a week when I lived in Devonshire Road. Beanoburgers, yum yum

Ruth Thomas… Remember the RBL and the fish ‘n’ chop shop very well.

Neal Hunter…Had a bedsit round the corner used the fish shop most days.

Lee Elliston… Me and my great friend Noel worked in the chip shop for four to five years, from an early age for a great guy called Bernie. Had some great customers . Fond memories.

Tracy Birrell… My Dad used to take me to get chips from here in the 60’s.

Susanne Wyatt… Loved that Fish and Chip shop, it was the best! Xx

Teresa Briffitt… I can remember my dad going there to the British Legion x

Roger Lee… I had my Wedding reception in Haig house in 1972

Wendy Weaver… It was a Pizza restaurant for a while, then Oakfield bought it and opened up their offices there.

Cheggers Emary… Beanie burgers were the best. Really cheap too

Leigh Kennedy… The source is Hastings Library Archives. I originally posted it in https://www.facebook.com/groups/historicalhastings/ group back in 2019

Andy Clark… My father lived at number 28 in the 1930s. His parents ran it as a boarding house. He always said it was next to the British Legion, perhaps where the fish and chip shop is in the photo?

Ralph Town… beano burger anyone?

Coral Pasqua… There use to be another fish and chip shop further down the road

Peter Davenport… Beano burgers!

Virginia Davis… Chips before Rennie’s.

Martyn Baker… I’ll have a beanoburger thanks!

Brian Hall… Buss’s up at Ponswood made beanburgers. Possibly the ones mentioned

Karen Janman… That was a good chip shop in the late 70’s

Jayne Elizabeth… The chip shop!

Elanie Chenery… Remember the Legion , had my 21st party there .

Holly Millward… I used to live round the corner in Devonshire Road. Chips 8p.

Eddie Earl… It was top end of Station Road just down from what was Royal George pub at the top