Waverley – Hastings Pier photo

photo supplied by Tony Wilson

Claire Finn… I wish we could do this again! X

Peter Fairless… Smoked salmon and English champagne?

Mike Mitchell… Anyone know when this was taken? My father-in-law was on the Waverley when it was sunk at Dunkirk 29/5/40. Thankfully he survived but 300+ didn’t. They rebuilt the Waverley after the war and that vessel is still working out of the Clyde. I think it even ran cruises on the south coast last year.

Julie Findlay-jones… my daughters went on the Waverly when we were in Scotland they boarded in Dunoon fabulous looking steamer.

Ken Hatch… Mike, just had a refit/ new boilers. Didn’t know about Dunkirk

Marcus de Mowbray… I am convinced that the Pier would make more money if boat rides were available again. Perhaps a modern electric boat would be better.

Joe Knight… I remember those days! Went on it when I was a kid at Gravesend Kent

David Wilkinson… In the late sixties I went on the Waverley on a cruise around the Isle of Wight from Bournemouth Pier. Called in at Sandown ; the pier there no longer exists.

Roger Simmonds… I remember it well !

Frederique Jacquignon… Souvenir … souvenir du Pier d Hastings

Stuart Moir… Early 1900s

Stewart Rockett… I and my good lady had the pleasure of a trip around the coast of the Isle of Wight on the Waverley last year. Fantastic.