The Clash photo Hastings Pier 12th January 1980 by Mike Twine

photo © Mike Twine

Mike Twine… Hi, I thought that this photo might be of interest to anyone who went to this Clash gig on Hastings Pier in January 1980. My friend Andy and I went down to see if we could get into the soundcheck. We got in front of the stage but when the band came on some roadies came and told us to go. But Joe Strummer said ‘nah, let ’em stay’. They then blasted through about three numbers for about 15 minutes. It was king fantastic, as the sound in the empty venue was awesome. I was quite into photography at the time and this is my favourite photo from the ones that I took. The gig was outstanding and remains the best gig that I ever went to. I’m sure that lots of people who were there that night would agree that The Clash were a brilliant live band with some great songs.

Peter Houghton… What a great picture I was there and what a great night

Willie Wicking… Was there great gig

Peter Fairless… Great picture! Have you got any more? Would love to share them on

Leah Athol-Murray… Fantastic gig … they were brilliant live.


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