Mods Hastings August bank holiday 1980

photo © John Gale. Supplied by Tony Snelling

Tony Snelling… L/r Steve Welfare, Steve Usher, Andy Wilson, Steve Gaffney, Tony Snelling, Dave Browning and Barry Simmons. Photographer possibly John Gale.

John Gale… Yeah, I took it. Taken in town before we all left for Great Yarmouth. What a great weekend…well nearly, apart from Tony Snelling having a serious accident on the way home. Barry Simmons, what a great laugh he was all weekend. Good bunch of lads .

Peter Fairless… Is Barry still about, do you know, John? Used to bump into him every few years and we’d both be surprised that we recognised and remembered each other!

John Gale… Pete, I’m not sure . Last I heard he was living in Eastbourne

Michele Crew… John, isn’t that Steve Molyneux behind Barry ?

John Gale… I’ve never noticed that person b4, no idea. I don’t think so. Can’t remember him being there

Tony Snelling… John, It’s Wendy before the pink hair

Lloyd Johnson… Is that behind ‘The Pamdor’?…

John Gale… Yes Lloyd

Graham Sherrington… That Sign Lease For Disposal must have been there of years. And the Fish and Chips from the chippy were divine

Willie Wicking… Mods Today Brighton  (10/04/23)

Donna Torrance… Blimey wasn’t that area a mess then. Xxx

Rob Endersby… Donna, Better than it is now, that street is a depressing half empty shopping centre

Ann Murphy… Wow that brings back memories.. Park Motors was Dads showroom taken over by. Frank Bettes.. the grey building next to it was my old office, Davenport Jones & Glenisters.. but these photos were even after Tommy & Mikes scooter days in the 70’s !!!! Your Dad was a biker in the 60’s. Nicknamed Mods & Rockers, the Scooters & Bikers had a big rumble on the Hastings sea front one bank holiday in 70s police came from everywhere, had big television coverage. Such fun !!!! I don’t know if my brothers were involved !!! Daddy would have boxed their ears !!!

Derrick Wareham… Ann Murphy I was there in the 50/60 was not mod or a rocker but had good times

Mick O’Dowd… That’s where we parked our scooters to frequent The Pam-Dor.

Alan Esdaile… That empty shop, I was negotiating to rent it, for over a year but the price was too high. I’m sure eventually they did agree on a price, only for someone else to gazump me. Then I started the shop further up Queens Road.


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