The Marlborough Hotel Warrior Square St Leonards-On-Sea 1972

Angela Frances Gardner… I worked there very briefly in 1977 when it catered for people from hospitals

Ian Johnson… Played my sound there

Roy Winchester… Ian, good days Hastings is crap today

Peter Fairless… What was the disco in the basement?

Judy Atkinson… Pete, I remember going to that once – 1st time I drank a pint in one! Would have been around 1974

Peter Fairless… Can you remember the name,

Mick O’Dowd… Wasn’t it Tramps?  Alan played there.

Peter Fairless… Should have known that, went there often enough! Now, it’s a Doctors…

Nicola Dobson… My mum and aunt worked there years and years ago

Pat Burgess… was it the Edinburgh then

Pete Brazier… Worked there as a night porter

Georgie Fewell… I used to work there

Stuart Moir… Played there for a private function with CP

Tony Hughes… I remember this place so well

James Johnson… My first job, waiter 1980

Bob Searle… Played there with Easy Street

Pat Burgess… Worked in the Warrior reception in mid 60’s till it closed

Jacqui Murphy… I had an evening job as receptionist late ‘74 early ‘75

Linda O’leary… I had a Saturday job there when I was teen

Mick Barrow… Used to hold the RNLI agms there

Hastings CC Archive… Was in the scouts and a group of us around this date went to push a group of old people along the prom in their wheelchairs. It was FACup final day so everyone else watched the match. I hated football but ended up spending a great afternoon making up a bridge four with three of the old ladies. I loved Bridge and Whist – I was obviously an odd child

Mick Boss… Used to hold the towns dart comps there.

Trevor Beeching… Remember the darts there

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