Who remembers or worked at Newtime Foods Ltd?

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Mike Mitchell… Could smell the place all through Ore

Sheila Maile… Yes. 1day was given a broom & told to sweep up all day. I went there to work on production line. Never went on there

Alan Esdaile… remember the bags of gums

John Wilde… I lasted there 2 hours, sprinkling sugar on gummies. Mind numbingly boring.

Jill Howard… Would anyone know any details regarding pensions when working for new time food my relative worked there in 1960s and has lost his pension we are trying to find any details of where this would possibly be held

Paul Gray… I lasted 2 weeks there in 1979 making Jam with a guy called Emilio. The job consisted of emptying barrels fruit pulp into huge boilers adding sugar and food colouring. Hot, back breaking work. Spent a lot of time avoiding wasps too.

Hastings miniature railway.

photos © Ted Cogger

Stuart Moir… At the time when our council appreciated the value of using the space as a coach park for visitors particularly from the London area, so much trade was lost when the policy was changed to accommodate a rarely used art gallery and cafe’, I never see queues forming at the entrance, and the restaurant is the same .

Joe Knight… Maybe One day it will return and what’s left can be Restored

Marcus de Mowbray… That red loco is stunning

Peter Ellingworth… The clean external condition could well be the work of a friend, Derek Walsgrove and myself, who used to help out at the HMR during the school holidays cleaning snd servicing the locos. I would put the top colour photo of ‘Royal Scot’ as around 1962, the Bedford van seen in the background next to the sea blue Morris 1000 belonged to Jim Hughes, “JBH” who used to manage and run the line in conjunction with Ian Allan Ltd. The smart Beetle to the left belonged to a friend of JBH, a Mr. Critchley whose first name -Julian-? I can’t remember now, and who came over from Brighton to do a day’s driving. ‘Royal Scot’ was built in 1938 by the former model engineering company Bassett Lowke, I believe it is still in operation somewhere, the other two steamers were ‘Firefly’ a Great Western Railway type rebuilt by JBH , as was my favourite ‘Hampton Court’ rebuilt in 1958 by JBH as a GWR Saint class. This is still in operation at Stapleford Miniature Railway in Northants. ‘Firefly’ until recently operated at Keer’s Miniature Railway in Scotland which I believe is closing down. The lower photo I would say was taken early fifties.  Anybody remember how there used to be red London RT buses parked up in the Stade having bought sarf Londoners down for day trips?



Fusion Orchestra – Hastings Pier 21st April 1973



fusion back

poster supplied by Mick Mepham. Leaflet supplied by Iain Cobby

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coloured photos supplied by Eddie Hazell Estate


Pier photo by Chris Meachen

Autograph poster supplied by Peter Houghton

Robin Trower is listed on the poster buy pretty sure he did not turn up. Any ideas who replaced him?

Mick Knights… Here we go again, Jilly and the mike stand, memories are made of this!

Phil Thornton… excellent band, brilliant gig !

Alan Esdaile… Agree Phil, brilliant gig.

Yvonne Cleland… yep!

Tony May… Fantastic pics Alan. I heard so much about this lot from Simon and these shots put meat on the bones.

Phil Thornton… another gig I was at ! if memory serves a spendid event !

Jan Warren… Oh WOW, brilliant pics, thank you, I saw this band many times and they had such a big impact on me!! – I’ve seen many “famous” bands over the years but Fusion Orchestra have always remained most in my head and my heart – their performances were amazing, the song-writing was genius and Jill Saward’s vocals and multi-instrumental talents were (and still are) the best ever!! – I am sooooo happy for the recently released cd “Fusion Orchestra Live at the Marquee 1974” – I woz there, I cant stop playing this cd, it takes me right back there, its amazing, I love you Fusion Orchestra, always and forever!

Andy Qunta… Great photos!


The Springbeats – Scout Hut Oxford Road Hastings 1965 of maybe Hollington Parish Hall?


photo supplied by Alan Jenner

Local group the Springbeats pictured at the Scout Hut – Oxford Road Rehearsal night 1965

Anyone confirm the names of the band?

Phil Gill….I think it’s Clive Drew-Clifton on the left

Andy Knight.…Tim Duke on Bass I think. Looked again, def Tim on Bass, in my year at school

Mick O’Dowd… The Springbeats played at Grove Road Youth Club Ore on my first outing as a DJ. It was the first Rave that the Club put on with a live band. I worked with Tony Bridger at G. Brookers in Norman Road making fireplaces when I worked there as my first job in the real world!  About 1966.

Alan Mitchell… Clive Drew-Clifton, Tony Bridger, Barry Jenkins on drums and John Woolven singer. I don’t think that is the scout hut in Oxford Road. We used to go to the group practices and most were in the Hollington Parish Hall in Wishingtree Road.

John Wilde… This is a great photo. Love those guitars.

Lynn Graham…. The drummer Barry ‘s  dad was manager and who remembers little Vic Bridger, Tony’s cousin, former owner of Hairtek.

Alan Esdaile… Here’s The Springbeats Nicola and I think its Barry Jenkins on drums?

Nicola Dobson… Thank you Alan…Im really not sure..he used to work for the laundry late 60’s and was in the Cult band he said as I did have a tape from him?

Lynn Graham… Barry Jenkins was indeed the drummer. I used to run around with them and was very good friends with Johns sister Jackie.

Martin Richter… what lovely guitars ! I was looking at Burns guitars earlier

Lynn Graham… used to run around with this band.Johnny Woolven was the singer.

Nicola Dobson… Anyone know if Barry Jenkins is still around knew him when I was 15/16..would be interesting to know

Tim Moose Bruce… nspired by the Easybeats?

Eric Burgess… They were the first live band I ever saw and yes rehearsals took place in the hall in Wishing Tree Road. Played in Looking Back for several years with Barry Jenkins. Still good friends!!

Harry Randall… Loved this although playing with Tony in “Footloose” never knew he was an ex “Springbeat” still miss that guy!

Mike Waghorne… Tim Dukes lives out Fairlight