Jim Jim & The Jims – The Chatsworth Hotel – 29th April & 3rd June 1979 and Harry R & The Jumpjets photos

jim chatworth

Phil Gill….There was Jim, Jim, Jim. Jim, Jim….and I forget the other bloke’s name.

Andy Qunta….I think Phil has the definitive answer! I played in the band and I doubt if I could name them all! I seem to remember one night there was about 11 of us on stage!

Terry Pack….Raymond J Fenwick, Pete Prescott, Andy (Caine) Cunningham, Andy Qunta, Dermot Murphy, Peter James Shaw, Wesley Magoogan and me.

Pete Prescott….also tony qunta.wesley (along with tich turner ) was an occasional guest.dermot was the original bass player.terry joined just after we started playing the chatsworth jan 1980.

Terry Pack… Tone, of course!

Pete Shaw… One burning issue…How did we get the “Jim Jim and the Jim’s” name…Well folks, answers on a postcard please….and I will reveal all…and remember, points mean prizes!!

Pete Prescott… it will be interesting to see if your account is the same as mine. It involves Andy Cunningham (now Caine). it was a jims line up that recorded the first single i sang on “shine it on me” jan 9 1980 at park gates catsfield.ray pete shaw terry andy q and me.b side mailbox.it became the b side to forcefields smoke on the water in 1986.ray cut another version of it for the album.nowhere near as good.i sang it with barry st john.she was amazing ! and the stories . . . !

Terry Pack… I first met Andy Caine (Cunningham) in Leisure Music in around 1974-75. I was trying a bass, and a big, spotty face with a David Bowie, Ziggy Stardust haircut appeared: ‘ You’re really good. Want to join a band?” It said. I went to his house in Ore, and from there to his mate’s house, where he had a Fender Strat and Marshall stack… in his BEDROOM! His mate couldn’t really play, and Andy could only bash out the riff to The Jean Genie, so I declined. When I next met him, he’d been camped out at Ray Fenwick’s place for a year, listening to Chet Atkins records, and could play pretty well. Of course, NOBOBY, least of Andy himself, knew what a great singer he would become.

Andy Qunta… We had a percussion player with us occasionally too, or maybe it was only once, not sure. Anyway, his name I believe was Mike Tanner! Fun guy!

Terry Pack… Mike Tanner was in a band with Will Thomson and Wesley I think, and possibly Roger Carey.

Jim Hobbs… Oh yes, Jim.

Ernest Ballard… I played in a band called Aircraft with Mike Will and a girl keyboard and violin player. Mike emigrated to Australia I believe. Funny man indeed

Wesley Magoogan… They were bloody good nights indeed.

Phil Thornton… I have a vague idea I did a gig playing keys in the Jims – private party at Hurstmoceux Castle ?

Andy Caine… Never had spots Terry.


Phil Gill… Phil Thornton you did play keys at Herstmonceux Castle, but it was Harry R and the Jumpjets. Similar line-up. I wish Ray was on Facebook. I think he’d enjoy this thread.


Colin Fox… Chris Howard on vocals.

Phil Thornton… The off stage shanningins are how I remember the gig. Sadly I have zero recollection regarding the music ! I’m guessing it was rock covers and judging from the look on my face I must have been playing a DX7 !! Questions ….. am I right so far ? Who couldn’t make it that night ?

Colin Fox… Here’s a couple of photos from Harry R and the Jumpjets

18193940_10212565013222990_4560935392530171488_n 18198518_10212565079464646_1303944271458981157_n

supplied by Colin Fox



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