Who and where is this? Hastings 1972.

Any ideas who this is? Photo from a Hastings tourist brochure and listed as  a modern disco. 

Jim Breeds… I think it’s Hugh Grant

John Gale… Aquarius Club maybe?

Janette Morfey… I think its the Queens Hotel on the seafront

John Gale… That did cross my mind . I saw groups there in 1979 and it looked very similar .

Martin Richter… John, my first thought

John Gale… Martin, saw the Teenbeats there in 79 . In fact the fasions in that photo would have matched a 1979 Teenbeats gig.

Martin Richter… John, certainly 🙂 looks like Sean Hodd at the front ?

John Gale… Could be, and looks like my mate Dave ‘Sam’ Browning in the white TShirt behind the suited guy

David Martin… The Witchdoctor ?

Jan Warren… My first thought was the Regent Hotel (basement) which later became Scalliwags?!

Stuart Moir… To big for it to be the Regent as we played in the basement, agree it could be the Witch doctor or Queens Hotel, can’t recall how big the Aquarius was but that looks like my Ludwig super classic kit as the colour is right Oyster blue ripple and the top toms were 12″ and 14″, the band always moaned about the over tones and would never accept that they would not hear them when playing all together but were necessary in the overall body of the final product .


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