Penguin Cinema – bank holiday films May 1975

Jim Breeds… Good grief, I think I went with some mates to see both of those in one sitting! But I’ll not be admitting that in public!

Patrick Lewis… 1970’s ‘Ladism’ at its height as purveyed by the British cinema industry.

Josie Lawson… Was that Penguin bingo hall once ? My dad retired from the Observer 1964 then did some bingo work in the Penguin.I lived in Hove then. I then in Hove did some casual bingo work over there in Ladbrokes bingo hall, actually went into doing some bingo calling during the breaks….

Jane Hartley… My mum used to go to bingo there too.

Matt Thomas… Confessions of a Window Cleaner was the first rented video I saw on old betamax recorder hired from the Rediffusion shop in Queens Rd

Alan Esdaile… I do remember Jill Gascoine in Confessions of a Pop Performer.

Martin Richter… cert X – “for all the family” ???

Dennis Torrance… How many I wonder look 👀 over their shoulders before entry to this cinema showing lol

Martin Richter… the Orion was similar – x-rated or kung-fu

Michael Wilson… Went to see a James Bond Double Bill at the Penguin.


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