Bexhill Museum – Bexhill’s first fire engine – can you help?

Bexhill Museum…. Can you help? Bexhill’s original 1895 horse-drawn Merryweather fire engine is finally coming back to the town – but it needs some loving care to make it pristine perfect for another 128 years and more. Bexhill’s firefighters, supported by Bexhill Museum and Bexhill-on-Sea Town Council, are looking for your help to raise £15,000 towards an expert restoration. The Town Council has already kicked off the fund with a grant of £3,000 leaving us £12,000 to raise.

Marmalade – Aquarius 19th May 1973

19th may 1973 - marmalade


Mike Guy… Did they ever play any jam nights? I bet they are well-preserved!

Pete Fisher… spreading rumours??

Jim Breeds… Did they ever cover Toast?

Mike Guy… Let’s keep the posts Seville!

Tony Davis… Perhaps they should orrange a reunion

Dave Nattress… Very good chaps!! No I mean it. Remember them from Top of the Pops, great band. I have a greatest hits CD.

Phil Gill… Ray Fenwick introduced me to drummer Alan Whitehead in 1981. He was very well preserved.

Mark Randall… Let’s go back to Lanzarote 1983, I got chatting ( ie he started talking at me) with a Scottish chap named Tam. It’s always interesting that when meeting strangers on hols or whatever, people say they used to be in a band, it was always as the drummer or bassist. Pre Internet it was hard to verify their story. Anyhoo, this drunken Scot insisted he was the drummer in Marmalade .


De-Hems – Aquarius Hastings 19th January 1974



Anyone remember seeing the De-Hems? Interesting another band that was produced by Eddie Grant, so was he involved in booking the bands?

Alan Pepper… Great advert !
I remember Johnny Johnson and the bandwagon clearly with his enormous sunglasses !! Wished I had seen kiki dee though there were some great times in the early 70s up there at the Aquarius . Steve Maxted would rope us up onto the stage to mime to someone FAMOUS Elvis Noddy Holder Gary Glitter to win a bottle of Cheap Plonk !! By the way not sure about De Hems though sorry got carried away there reminiscing ha ha ….

Mick O’Dowd… De Hems were produced by Eddie Grant and I recall they were a raving little soul influenced band.

Del Withers… Hi my mate Dave Hitchens played the electric organ with the De-Hems I remember going to a recording studios in Stamford Hill N16 in the early 70s with him and Eddie Grant was there. I do believe it was his studios and I think he Managed the De-Hems. He was a very pleasant guy.

Stephen Moran… I have very fond memories of the Aquarius. I went there most Thursday’s during the early seventies and looked forward to the Steve Maxted Show. He always opened his set with ‘I Can’t Explain’ by the Who, something I still do now when I DJ!

Steve Maxted… So glad you you enjoyed my shows, and to know that ‘I Can’t Explain’ stayed in your memories so well. Thanks

Martin Zappa… THE Coach House, was Eddy Grants Studio (later Ice Records). Dave Hitchin – Hammond C3, Colin Harrison – Fender Jazz Bass, Steve Jarvis – Vocals, Pedro – Drums, Glenn Garzke – Guitar

David Eppel… Dave Hitchin sold his Hammond to Mick Dorey in ’74???

Siouxsie & The Banshees – Hastings Pier 20th October 1978



poster 1 supplied by Mick Mepham & poster 2 supplied Mick O’Dowd

‘Human League’ didn’t play nor did Nico.

Pete Fairless….No, they did not. Support was from the Gang Of Four.

Mick Mepham….Gang of Four were excellent as were Siouxsie and the Banshees, can’t remember Spizz Oil. If I remember rightly, the singer wore a bin liner and by the end of their set he was plastered with gob …. yeeeuch.

Pete Fairless….I thought GOF were a bit boring, Spizz were fun, and Siouxie & The Banshees were fantastic

John Storer… The Human League did not play their first live gig until June 1978 (Sheffield Hallam University has a plaque commemorating the date and venue, which is now a computer room). They did tour with Souixsie that year, but not until December The Mark II line-up are still gigging for all they are worth, and never fail to surprise the crowd with how good they still are. First saw them in December 81 when “Don’t You Want Me” was No.1. Last saw them in 2012 and they were better … and doing stuff from both “Reproduction” and “Travelogue”

Alan Esdaile… Remember seeing The Human League in 2003 with John Foxx support and they were very good.


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Doc Leaves and Nettles

original post: unknown

Joanna Mod… Often used

Ian Johnson… Sure do

Graham Sherrington… Sure did up on the East Hill

John Gale… And spit

Paul Marshall… Coghurst woods was my home

Lloyd Johnson… Paul, and mine in the 1950s!…

Paul Marshall… Lloyd, there’s not a lot left if it now. I remember it was fields from Rock Lane to sandown school and the woods. Do you remember The Iron Bridge?

Lloyd Johnson… Yes !..of course!…and we called the fields Arvy Tarvy!…the were some old Austin seven car wrecks over there in the 50s that we use to play in and Coghurst gate house was our Nottingham castle when we played ‘Robin Hood’….😀😀😀…an idyllic childhood….👍👍👍….Sandown School wasn’t built when we played over there…there was a oblong ash bike track there…

Diane Leigh… Spit as well.

Jan Deane… Knew this as a 7 year old who loved exploring the nearby woods and fields to pick flowers.

Lisa Shaw… I remember those days!

Jenny Power… I passed this knowledge to my children and grandaughters plus other info probably not interested in but might remember!

Mike Waghorne… Spit on the Dock leaves and then rub its juices on the nettle sting , instant relief of most of the pain !

Dave Nattress… Worked for me and mates. Supposedly aided by the spit!!

Kevin Thompson… I grew up next to Sherwood forest, didn’t realise how lucky I was even though we were poor, until I met my ex wife she grew up in New York, couldn’t go out to play