The Ramones were booked for Hastings Pier in 1977 but didn’t happen.


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supplied by Sarah Harvey

Alan Esdaile… Not that clear print but you can see that in Stephen Turner’s column, The Ramones were set to play Hastings Pier.

Sarah Harvey… It says they are booked for the Pier on May 28th 1977

Peter Fairless… Yes, Saturday, 28th May 1977. Whatever happened to that one?

Alan Esdaile… Got down for Mr Big playing that day. Ramones ended up playing Slough.

Sarah Harvey…


Peter Fairless… Which, let’s face it, is a big loss on their part!

Andy Gunton… Damn! That would have been another great gig to add to the existing list. Oh well….

Martyn Baker… Hmm. Saw the Mr Big gig. They were OKish I thought at the time. The Ramones seemed to do OK too!

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