Hastings Music 1964 to 1968

David Yates… A Message for Andre Martin. I was a student at Hasting College FE and on the Students Union. With advice from Andre we used to book groups for College raves. It was so easy in those days! I’m trying to remember the name of the Club in Marine Court – can you help please? Also do you recall the some of the Groups that played – I recall one was Manfred Man through the link with the D’Arbo’s – particularly Carol who was at the College. I think we also had a hand in the first 1964 booking of the Stones on Hastings Pier – do you recall if this is correct?
Great Days but not necessarily academically!

Kurt Helge… The Witchdoctor

Harry Randall… Yes The Witchdoctor later changed it’s name to The Cobweb!

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