Reading Rock Festival 1979

Supplied by Mark Randall

Mark Randall… Reading Rock festival 1979: 6 tender memories:
1) Motörhead fans at Reading station greeting everyone that looked a bit ‘new wave’ with shouts of “ Oi! Jimmy Jimmy – Wankers !” 2) Realising there’ll be 3 not 2 of you sharing a two man tent. 3) Sting introducing a ”new song called ‘Sending out an SOS’ 4) Realising that one of the 3 sharing our 2 man tent has to be stepped over as he’s lying supine, shitfaced in a pool of mud outside the tent ( yes, no names, no pack drill ) 5) The cold hard truth that I’ve nowhere to hang my silk dressing gown when I attempt to go for a shower so give it up as a bad job. 6) the skies opening on Saturday morning meaning I’m getting the first train outta town.

Jo Turner… Think I was at this one

Dave Nattress… One hell of a line up!!

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