Rumbelows Queens Parade Hastings 1980’s

Tim Harris… Free hats and stickers Now that’s an offer you couldn’t refuse !

Wendy Weaver… I liked Rumbelows. We bought quite a few things from them.

David Wilkinson… Late 70s, we bought our first washing machine from a Rumbelows. Not soon after we were back in the shop and I noticed that our washing machine was now badged as “electronic”. So I accosted the Saturday lad and informed him that we had the previous model and that I had connected it to the gas, not realising, as it wasn’t stated, that it was “electric”. I wanted him to confirm that what I had done was ok. He toddled off to consult someone knowledgeable, and we slipped out. If he ever came back to the shop floor, he didn’t find us !!! Such fun !!!

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