Anyone remember chewing on liquorice root?

Monica Bane… Yes I do!! At my infant school, Remember chewing,!

Wendy Weaver… When I was at infant/junior school as there were no sweets. Also ABC Chewing gum and very sour lemony powder. Very few fat children then

Malcolm Sharp… Black tongue time lol

Christine Swain… My sister loved it

Claire Melhuish-Durkin… I do. It wasn’t that nice but we thought it was cool

Alan Esdaile… Claire, I agree!

David Wilkinson… Chewing sticks we called them.

Pete Prescott… I hated them.

Ian Johnson… Yep

Dave Reece… Yea Roger Harris used to bring them back from Kosher dinners.

Sue Skilling… It sounds awful

Graham Sherrington… yep and raw tiger nuts, now used for fishing I believe

Claire Melhuish-Durkin… Graham, o.m.g. those disgusting tiger nuts! I’d forgotten.

Andy Clarke… Yes. When I was at school at woodlands in the 70’s I’d go to the chemist on the corner where the tattoo shop is now on bohemia rd and get some for 2p a stick.

Jill Steve Ireland… Yes

Gareth Huggett… I am Groot?

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