Warren Davis Monday Band – Hastings Pier 15th June 1968

No show for Reparata and The Delrons.

Mick O’Dowd… Probably they ran off with the captain of the ship!

John Warner… When the pier was run by the council we used to spend hours on the phone winding up the manager. When a group were due to appear who had an organist we had him tearing his hair out telling him that he would have to cut a hole in the stage and hire a fork lift truck to raise him up through the stage. Nutty days

Lloyd Johnson… Did anyone see The Wild Angels?..I remember a group that formed a human pyramid whilst still playing ….I think it they were called The Wild Angels….????…

Barrie Baz Shields… Lloyd, Still got their LP-Red hot and rocking.Wild angels .Also got Pirates Out of their skulls. Great old stuff and yes I did, what a great act. Real old rock and roll.

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