What songs will they play at your funeral?

Seem to be going to more and more funerals lately and I keep getting asked this question.  At the moment I would say Marmalade Reflections Of My Life and Tindersticks My Oblivion. What would you pick for yours?

Chris van Rock… Nick drake – northern sky, Manic street preachers – motorcycle emptiness.

Terry Huggins… In This Moment 11:11. My mother had Bat out of Hell played at hers.

Allyson Breeds…  I’m sure some people think the appropriate one for me is ‘Ding Dong the Witch is Dead’

Phil Gill… I want my iPod set to shuffle something random happens. It’s a risky strategy though, it has Derek and Clive on it.

Jan Warren… Freebird – Lynryd Skynyrd

Patricia Landamore… Stylistics,” You make me feel brand new” think I would leave with Lou Reed,” It’s a Perfect Day ” 👏👏👏👏

Jim Breeds… Another one bites the dust. Going underground.

Phil Gill… Have to say Mo set the bar quite high with “Don’t Fear The Reaper”

Jo Avery… “Don’t wanna know” – John Martyn, “Time in a bottle” – John Croce. Then right at the end “To Life” from Fiddler on the Roof!

Dennis Torrance… I think a hard choice stairway to heaven or something by the great film composer John Barry

Jo Avery… Out of Africa perhaps? Beautiful.

Dennis Torrance… yes out of Africa a must I think. John Barry wrote such stunning scores for films midnight cowboy etc . Am a rock fan at heart but my brother used to like John Barry music and it grew on me

Mike Guy… Fire – Bruce Springsteen, I’m On Fire – Bruce Springsteen, Fire – Crazy world of Arthur Brown . . . . guess it’s a cremation! In reality something by Yes – something quite lone to fill the space left by a lack of any religious service. . . . Ritual might be ironic enough.

Virginia Davis…  I was discussing this with my friend the other day and she picked Music by John Miles for me as it reminds her of me. Nice to know she’s put some thought into the subject !!!

Tony May…  I’d want ‘Someday’ by Kim Wilde and my own ‘The Toy Museum’ played at mine…

Karen Sweatman… Don’t Fear The Reaper for me

Glenn Piper… For my own funeral; Queen- Another one bites the dust. John Martyn- Solid Air, Joe Bonamassa- Drive.

Margaret Fletcher…  Elvis ( ANGEL )

Caroline Spencer… Elvis how great thou art

Stephen Kolimbarides… Dudley Moore & Peter Cooke Goodbye

Alan Esdaile… Not forgetting the wonderful Lisa Gerrard and Pieter Bourke Sacrifice

Peter Fairless… Iris Dement – Let The Mystery Be

Dave Valentine… Johnny Cash, The Man Comes Around.

Leigh Wieland-Boys… Supermarket Flowers by Ed Sheeran has been mentioned. My choice would be Dreamweaver by Gary Wright

Paul Crimin… Crowed House-Don’t Dream it’s Over.

Andy Ives… Portishead Roads and some Sigur Ros

Terry Huggins… Well I’d have to have more than one song – Sister Sin – Morning After.

Barry Newton… Non, not having a funeral as to much hassle and money

Pete Prescott… I used to think about the music at my funeral. It used to be “sleeps dark and silent gate ” by Jackson Brown, Autumn leaves by Eva Cassidy and nellie the elephant (forgot the name of the band. Punk version) then it was Nick drake Beatles and Sandy denny. Since I’ve worked for funeral companies I no longer actually think about it. I’ll be gone. I used to say lock the doors and play all of one of my albums then EVERYONE there would regret my passing ! At the moment we hear a lot of Glenn Miller nat king cole matt Monro and Vera Lynn at funerals.
I helped out answering phones at Hastings Rock once and we had a phone in about it (I thought it would be fun- it was !) It was all great balls of fire and burn baby burn etc. Funerals are more a celebration of the persons life now instead of the old boring services that many found hard to listen to. There are great pieces of music played. Of all styles. Pick what you loved to listen to and get John Mendenhall to take the service. He is the best.

Chris Van Rock… Nellie the elephant was the ‘toy dolls’

Kathy Woods…. Eloy – Jeanne D’Arc. Absolutely no question – my absolute favourite song

Mark Randall… There is a FB page for this very thing , The Song You Want Played At Your Funeral. As for me, Elton’s ‘Skyline Pigeon’ and Divine Comedy’s ‘Tonight we Fly’

Colin Bell… ‘Say You Don’t Mind’ Denny Laine and ‘Days’ The Kinks. I have toyed with ‘In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida’ but by the time its finished some of the congregation might have joined me..lol…

Paul Morfey… Wish you were here!!!

Lauren Gower… A Viking funeral with The Tennant – Japan and Bela Lugosi’s Dead- Bauhaus

Eric Harmer… If it’s a burial Don’t let me down or cremation burn baby burn 😳

Mick O’Dowd… I chosen my 3 but you’ll have to wait until funeral to see what they are. Big one is BIG surprise!

Tony Davis… I would have My Thanksgiving by Don Henley and at the end Springsteen and Born To Run cos I love it at his concerts when the white lights hit the crowd and its joyous

Pete Prescott… I definitely want Donald Fagins the Goodbye look as the curtains close. People will have to sing the chorus as the curtains close ! I would also have Alright Now. Its a long service ha ha

Anne Gower… Behind closed doors, need you now, if tomorrow never comes

Iain Cobby… Sandy Denny; “Who knows where the time goes?”  and P F’s “The Great Gig in the Sky” or may be Ralph Vaughan Williams “Lark Ascending”?  I like melancholy

David Edwards… Definitely Sandy Denny Who knows where the Time Goes, Van Haunts of Ancient Peace, Judy Collins version of In My Life,Terry Reid Without Expression, Joan Armatrading Love and Affection, Tom Waits Hope that I Don’t Fall In Love With You, Peter Green Man of The World,and for going through the curtains End of The Line by Travellin’ Willburys. Book double time at crematorium to fit it all in don’t need soliloquies at all And hope the music says it all

Chris van Rock… Northern Sky … Nick Drake

Clifford Rose… All my tears by Julie Miller.

Eugene Hughes… Return to sender.

Martin Curcher… Want a grand entrance into the Crematorium, so would chose “Fanfare for the common man (Copeland Version) and have Frank Sinatra’s “My Way”.

Mick O’Dowd… Already chosen mine and had them posted at the undertakers when I paid for my funeral. They are Music: John Miles, What’s Going On: Marvin Gaye (My all-time fave) and Goodbye : Peter Cook & Dudley Moore. The last should surprise ’em

Paul Wood… Another One Bites The Dust, obvs…

Mike Willis… Bohemian rhapsody I hope

Matt Thomas… I have a playlist

Daryl Perkins… Queen….Dont stop me now!!

Phil Gill… I want my iPod placed on random shuffle. With any luck, it’ll be Derek and Clive.

Eric Harmer… Surprise me

Paul Crimin… Hey now! Hey now! Don’t dream it’s over…

Phyllis Mendenhall… The power of love ,and time to say goodbye

Andy Gunton… Maybe I should have Africa by Toto, as I’ll not be able to hear it, but I can subject everyone else to it

Peter Howard… Danny ex Fantasy World was asking me about you the other day, I’ll let him know you’re planning your funeral

David Miller… Not just for me as it’s a personal all-time favourite but also for the worms (for anyone who knows how Peter Gabriel used to intro this piece), it has to be Supper’s Ready.

Eric Harmer… Oh well

Richard J Porter… I have decided it will be Rocking All Over The World

Dennis G Preston… I’d like to be cremated on the Ganges river to ”Smoke on the Water” by Deep Purple.

Elaine Saunders… Sitting on the dock of the bay

Jim Breeds… Johnny remember me?

Allyson Breeds… Ding Dong the wicked witch is dead.

Pete Fairless… Lots, but this is one, for sure – Let The Mystery Be – Iris DeMent H.Q.

Jimmy Kent… Goodbye by Dudley Moore & Peter Cook

David Broome… If you don’t know me by now.

Ian Mcgilvray… Ballroom Blitz for Me please.


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  1. Already chosen mine and had them posted at the undertakers when I paid for my funeral. They are Music: John Miles, What’s Going On: Marvin Gaye (My all-time fave) and Goodbye : Peter Cook & Dudley Moore. The last should surprise ’em!


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