The Beatles – Our World global event – All You Need Is Love – 25th June 1967

do you remember watching this?

Alan Esdaile… Remember watching this with my sister and our parents being critical and saying how can you call this a song when they are only singing the same words over again and again. I think we were singing it for the rest of the week to wind them up!

Jim Breeds…. Yes, I watched it and my Dad ranted at it. You know the type of thing, I’m sure. Generation Gap. 🙂

Andy Qunta… Yes I remember watching! Loved it! Thought it was amazing to have the whole world linked up, which was a new concept! Beatles were great! Loved the arrangement!

Dave Nattress… I do remember seeing this having got my parents to understand it was a big deal. I also remember seeing Magical Mystery Tour and expecting a lot but somehow feeling it wasn’t so good after all. As for the repeated words I certainly never bothered letting the old chap listen to the long fade-out of Hey Jude!!!

Mick O’Dowd…. Yes remember this. In good old technicolour black & white!

Andre Martin… I remember playing this record back in June 1967, was booked to do a show at a Youth Centre somewhere in London, very near Wandsworth Town Hall, managed to get a copy from Alan Jensen at the Disc Jockey.

David Edwards… At the time I thought it wishy washy crap, never changed my opinion.

Di Veness… agreed

Colin Bell… I remember, i think that’s the point where my Mum & Dad finally gave up & thought they’d lost me to the dark side..


Circuit 4 – Ore Youth Club, Grove Road 1965?



supplied by Mick O’Dowd

CIRCUIT 4 – Taken at Grove Road, Ore Youth Club 65?. Jane Newman?John Hall, Roger King, Pip Glazier Mick O’Dowd, Chris & Jane Glazier and Gil Cottle. Band was Circuit 4. Pic 2: Stuart Tanner Mick O’Dowd, John “Ongie” Hall, Roger King and Pip Glazier.

Matt Thomas…..Alan,is this our old place in Grove Rd?

Alan Esdaile….Well spotted Matt, I don’t think we had this much fun when I had it as a warehouse.

Matt Thomas…. dunno,you didnt see us when you was in the office lol

Mick O’Dowd….Picture  update. Blonde female turned away from camera was,I think, called Lesley.

Mick O’Dowd… Circuit 4 if memory serves me right were: Cliff Brooker, Mervyn Ashdown, and a guy called Neil(?) on drums but the name of the 4 th one eluds me. Any takers?

Harry Randall… Circuit 4 took the name from Watkins Circuit 4 guitar, wasn’t one of the guys called Clive? He was a lefty and I bought my Watkins Rapier 33 from him when he upgraded to a Circuit 4

Mick O’Dowd… There was Cliff Brooker of the builders merchant family in Norman Road. G.H.Brooker

Geoff Evans… I think the names you’re after are Keith Barron on drums and Tony Hughes lead guitarist (left handed and had a couple of Watkins Rapier models).