North’s Seat viewing platform Fairlight. 1960

photo © Anthony ‘Nan’ Morland

Matt Thomas… Is it still there?

Paul Collins… no. It burnt down years ago.

Graham Sherrington… I do not remeber that but then again I was 7

Jim Breeds… I remember this well, I often went there as a kid, living nearby. The views there today are still superb, but they were even better on that viewing platform. The bronze(?) plaque showing what you can see from there is still there at ground level. It’s the highest point in this part of the country at 575 feet ASL. There have been various “seats” erected there over the years – a history of it is here :

Peter Fairless… Used to get chicken and chips from KFC in Ore and go and sit up there to eat it!

Fred Marsh… Loved it, as a kid I to would often make my way from Churchill Avenue up to this platform and read the plaque. I didn’t know the plaque was still there.

Claire Kelly-Triance… Used to ride my horses all round there

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