Status Quo – Hastings Beer & Music Festival – Alexandra Park Hastings 1st July 2006

supplied by Barry French

Who remembers going to this?

Nigel Goodman… Sat at home with windows open listening

Sandra Cunningham… Yes brilliant night xx

Dawn Leaney… Remember it well!

Virginia Davis… Yes. Went to all three nights that year.

Tony Davis…  I went with my wife Claire and think i spent most of the evening bouncing up and down with my hands on her shoulders. Very short set from what I remember but did enjoy it

Graham Belchamber… Yes excellent night

Mick May… Yes good night

Wendy Weaver… Very short set but brilliant. Danced a lot had a really good night.

Mike Mitchell….  Seem to recall the crowd were still calling for an encore as their bus, watched their bus leaving…

Steve Thorpe… Was there, they played some tracks from Rockin all over the world I seem to remember

Here’s a short clip from Andrew Clifton

Clifford Rose… Yes – I took my son and he become a Quo fan.

Conan Howard… I could hear them in St Leonards that night , I sat in my back garden and enjoyed it.

Keith Veness… We were there. Was a great Gig

Nigel Ford… Yes, Cathy & I were there, still have the beer plastic cup, I think. Haven’t been since.

Rark Modrigues… I remember hearing it all around town! The volume meant you couldn’t escape it! Back in the day when they put on established acts at the festival, which entices the non drinker and slanting the pendulum in the direction of “music”. In my opinion of course

Willie Wicking… Marshled that night with Hastings Bonfire was a great night remember that huge black coach turning up wow what a treat for our town

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