Regal Theatre London Road St Leonards-on-Sea photo and poster

All © Anthony ‘Nan’ Morland

Anthony ‘Nan’ Morland… I remember taking this photo when it had closed down. I went inside and a man was taking up the carpet. I asked if it was OK if I had a look around and he said, that to be honest I’m pleased your here as there is a strange atmosphere in this building. I went in the office and the safe was open and inside was the above poster and he was happy for me to take it, or it would just been thrown away.  I think the poster is from 1955?

Mick O’Dowd… My Mum & Dad frequented this place before I came along and spoilt it!

Huw Gruffydd… Where on London Rd was this?

Alan Esdaile… Huw, It became Ocean House. Next to the path that leads down to Warrior Square station.

SMART coffee meet report 67

SMART coffee meet report number 67

What a Great afternoon! Among the newbies this time were Helena Kingshott, Micky Erends, Neil Cartwright, Jane Hartley, Sue Byrne, and David Martin. Helena was reminiscing about the great dances in Hastings with the regular Friday nights at the caves and Saturdays on the pier. Micky had some great memories of Ore youth club and the pier with Hendrix, Pink Floyd and Johnny Kidd. Neil was catching up with friends and fellow musicians that he has performed with over the years.  Jane was chatting about the music that’s happening this summer on the pier. Sue remembers seeing Elvis Costello and always enjoyed seeing The Teenbeats. David was catching up with old school friends and was talking about how good Pete Prescott’s music quiz nights are at The Dolphin. Mick O’Dowd had the hardback book with him called ‘Rock Odyssey A Chronicle of The Sixties’ by Ian Whitcomb whom you may remember had the hit in the sixties with ‘You Turn Me On’.  Mick said, it’s surprises what you can find in the charity shop for 50p!  Mo Elms turned up with a surprise, Terry’s original 70’s platform shoes! Anthony ‘Nan’ Morland had some interesting photos with him, including The Regal Theatre, The Maanav Star cargo ship when it run aground at Camber, Courts furniture shop at White Rock in 1978, North Seat viewing platform look out tower in Fairlight from 1960 and ‘Ransons’ corner shop, on the corner of Broadway and Fairlight Road. He also had photos from his cousin Roger of Pete Best in Liverpool, George Martin in Harrods and a Yoko Ono photo. Lynn Williams and Jane Moody had some great looking trendy photos of them from their teenage years. Paul Huggett had pages of lists of all the gigs he has seen over the years from 1964 to present. John Busbridge arrive with an amazing collection of LP’s & single records of Buddy Holly and Cliff Wootton had leaflets and information on ITT. Clive Richardson had Steamhammer posters and a large selection of 7” singles and Barry French had a Status Quo programme from Alexandra Park in 2006. This is just a small bit of what I remember and sorry was unable to chat to everyone. If you had anything interesting you were talking about or anything I missed out or got wrong! then please feel free to add or correct.

Stephen Moran… I’m sorry I wasn’t able to get to SMART today.

Jim Breeds… Apologies for my absence. I had some errands to run.

Cris & Merv Kennard… Another good afternoon catching up with lots of people. Thanks Alan for organising

Lucy Pappas… Sorry to miss another one. Hope it was fun! xx

Tony Davis… Sorry to miss another one was scoping out young bands in Brighton

Mick O’Dowd… You missed a good one there Stephen. Nice to see more newbies every time we have a Meet. Well done Alan!

Stephen Moran… I’m sorry I missed it Mick, we’ve got a family wedding otherwise I’d have been there. You are quite right, Alan does a great job.

Dave Martin… Priory Road Trio met up yesterday at SMART Coffee meeting at White Rock Hotel. Myself, Eric Harmer & Jon McCallion

Andy Qunta… Sounds great! As usual I’m sorry I couldn’t be there! Thanks for the plug for the Factory gig! Here’s a link for tickets –

Iain Cobby… Sorry to miss another bash Alan, on the school run in Tenterden!

Willie Wicking… Don’t look any different Dave


Ritz with Hat Trick and Samisen – Ore Centre 8th July 1978

supplied by Roger Carey

 Sarah Harvey… My artwork….. on my birthday. I organised all of the Ore Festivals in the 1970s and created the posters during my lunch-hours at work. I was a design draughtsperson in Battle. Also played in Samisen on the night.

Alan Wood… Wow !!

Mike Mitchell… I went to that one. I was obviously very keen. 75p entry and I was only earning 50p an hour at Dickies Discount at the time.

Orange Blossom Sound – Black Horse Music Club Telham 8th July 1973

Diane Knight… That was my brother in law’s pub ..Eddie Dunford …great days !!!

Karen Towner… Lovely Eddie !

Stephen Moran… Thank you for sharing Alan. They put on some great music at The Black Horse Folk Club. I was doing some research last week and discovered that the Irish musician Christy Moore played there in April 1977. This is a short article taken from The Hastings Observer dated 2 April 1977.

supplied by Stephen Moran

Mike Waghorne… Often use to go there on a Saturday night for something different in the 70’s !