Hurst Court The Ridge Hastings – closed photos by Anthony ‘Nan’ Morland

photos © Anthony ‘Nan’ Morland

Tracy Birrell… Such a shame that it was knocked down……

Jo Turner… Worked there for a while in my teens.

Jilly Jones… Stayed there, for a night , it was an amazing inside.xx

Ian Johnson… Rewired it when I was an apprentice

Claire Triance… Before Hastings lost its character all big old houses gone or burnt down

Ju-ju Davies… My mum used to work here.

Gaz Linch… Did a couple of music courses here over Easter . Must be close to 50 years ago . Even swam in the very cold pool

Lance Collins… Did discos there

Pauline Sims… I remember those days!

Christine Giles… you could stay there weekends

Matt Thomas… Was this another victim of one of the towns mysterious fires?

Tim Moose Bruce… Matt, There was a care home next door that mysteriously caught fire..

Keith Veness… Painted some of the rooms when it was a youth centre

Neil Chalcraft… One my judo pals went to school there in its last days as a pre school

Katy Howard was Parsons… Had our wedding reception here. Was a great venue. Such a shame

Tim Moose Bruce… I read somewhere that it was taken down and shipped to America to be rebuilt.

Ian Quinnell… I seem to remember going there, after it had closed as a school, with a number of other pupils from Priory Road to help clear and tidy the grounds. Would have been around 1970. Anyone else from Priory Road remember this?

Wendy Weaver… We went to a wedding reception here. It seemed a lovely venue.

Chris Meachen…. Mum used to help raise funds for it, & I can remember going to various ‘fun activity’ events. Unlike the usual fires, this one was left with some windows open so the weather & pigeons could make it uninhabitable. Damned shame to have watched it decay over the years…

Mike Waghorne… I remember Westridge building contractors putting the blue hoarding up

Steve Mann… Had my wedding reception here – great venue


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