St Helens Hospital Frederick Road Hastings 1958 – first mobile telephone!!

Matt Thomas… Looks like a scene from Benny Hill show

Monica Bane… So agree Matthew!

Diane Leigh… Man in bed very popular with the ladies.

Alan Esdaile… Diane, I don’t think he looks too happy or well.

Jim Breeds… It was funded by WRVS, some members of the WRVS are in the photo. It features in the book about the hospital

Janet Brophy… Did part of my nurses training @ St Helens, stayed 3 months in the nurses home.

Linda Boiling… It looks like Arthur Askey

Jacquie Hinves… Those were the days! I did my training at the RESH in the 70’s. We worked hard and played hard. Happiest days of my life.

Ju-ju Davies… Jacquie, Mr Hinves and colleagues saved my life in 1975 x

Sam Rosewell… I know that my Nan Rosewell (Sister “Rosie” Rosewell) was part of the school of nursing and she did work at St Helen’s for a while.

Ray Barry… I was born in that hospital.

Mike Guy… I remember when we had a mobile phone – you had to walk to the end of the street & waiting in the queue.

Iain Cobby… I was born there in 1955

Mark Randall… “Hurry up, you old bugger – some of us have got Dial-a-Disc to listen to”

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