Arthur Brown’s Kingdom Come – Hastings Pier 20th July 1972

ticket supplied by Clive Richardson

Clive Richardson… The support band did not turn up, so Kingdom Come did a longer set.

Stan Atkinson… Was there, mad as a hatter ! very enjoyable gig !

Andy Davies… Oh I remember this! Fire was a big influence on my brother Simon’s disco show. His DJ name was Tony Kane and when he played that song he would wear my Nan’s fur coat, a creepy rubber mask and a flaming head dress, which was basically a bent pierced thin copper tube some elastic a piece of plastic tubing and a camping gaz cylinder for fuel. I used to have to light the gas coming from the copper. Amazingly the worst accident he ever had was a little burnt hair -he cultivated a pretty good Afro for a white boy in the 70s! Sadly 10 years gone on the 7th of this month.

Jeremy Harrison… I didn’t know Arthur Brown had been to the pier. Amazing it didn’t catch fire that night!

Paul Cullen… Does anyone remember who else besides Crazy world of Arthur Brown and I think Curved Air played at the Pilot field in the 60s?I think it was the Kinks but I’m not sure

Tracy Birrell… I was there and remember how crazy it was.Arthur set his head alight when he sang Fire!


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