Wimpy Bar – Pelham Place Hastings

supplied by Leigh Kennedy

Janette Marshall… Used to love a wimpy you couldn’t beat the knickerbocker glory

Gerry Fortsch… I remember the chocolate sundae.

Daryl Perkins… Coke float!!

Pauline Richards… Used to go there after work on a Saturday for burger. Their French mustard too. It was the best. Never enjoyed a burger since.

Lloyd Johnson… In 1963/64 I worked in this one so does that qualify me as a Chef?

Perri Anne Haste… I went here a few times, I used to love their burgers & brown Derby dessert of doughnut with ice cream, chocolate sauce & chopped nut sprinkles

Lynne Smith… Went here on the way to the Aquarius every Thursday night

John Beeching… Worked there when I was 15

Stephen Moran… I had very happy time working there from 1969-71 while I was still at school. Nelson and Napoleon De Souza were great to work for and always treated me well.

Nicola Dobson… I had a friend who worked there Kim..do you remember her had aubyn hair?

Stephen Moran… hi Nicola I remember Paula who worked there but I’m not sure I recall Kim. I think because we worked different shifts we didn’t always get to meet each other.

Pete Houghton… Great photo!!

Mark Randall… I had an office to the right of St Mary’s, top floor

Ian Johnson… Egg n chips

Judith Monk… I worked there during my college years! The days of Brown Bettys..

Jacquie Hinves… Went there when I was a student nurse!

Tracy Birrell… Brown Derby…..

Paul Slidel… Wimpy Special Grill with a choc milk shake – kids heaven!

Desmond Dekker – The Sundowners Eastbourne 24th July 1975

Sue Verrall… I would have gone if I had realised. No Facebook in those days alas.

Joe Knight… Met him at Catford; I use to be a good friend of Steve Maxted in the late 60ts 😂 great fun with Steve

Mike Curtis… Best song “Me ears are alight”

Tony Court-holmes… used to go Sundowners a lot