Hastings Book Centre, Harold Place, Hastings – 1970’s


Fiona Evans… I loved this shop !

Angela Frances Gardner… I used to get some of my childrens’ books at Olio’s in Robertson street

Di Veness… I was only talking about this shop today! Saying I still have books I bought there.

Kathy Wood… Di, me too. A wonderful shop

Fred Marsh… Used to get the 133 bus down buy a Jennings book start reading it on the bus home, happy days.

Julie Findlay-jones… Brilliant shop bought all my college books from here ,always so helpful.

Allan Lee and The Giants & The Electrones supplied by Nick Poulton

all photos supplied by Nick Poulton

Nick Poulton… Few pics of my father and uncle back in the early 60’s. My father was Alan Poulton known as Alan Lee, my uncle on guitar was John Grinstead both sadly no longer with us.

Mick Clarke… I was a member of a group also called The Electrones here in West Yorkshire in the early/mid 60’s.I played lead guitar and hence all the Shadows numbers. Alas, lack of money for better equipment was our downfall but I did once have a Futurama III



The Springfields supported by The Midniters – Hastings Pier 31st August 1963

63 HP Springfields August 31SPRINGFIELDS 63-HP-Springfields-Press-HOBs

all cuttings Andre Palfrey-martin collection

John Storer…..I cannot understand why I never went to see the wonderful Dusty Springfield at the Pier Ballroom …. oh, that’s right …. I was only 7 at the time!  For me, THE greatest female singer of all time!

Alan Esdaile…..Agree, the GREAT Dusty but what is she wearing here….

Stuart Moir….A lamp shade .

Barry M Dyke…..I  saw them the same year at Weymouth. The under card included an almost unknown comedy duo, Morecombe and Wise.

Peter Millington… Saw them on the Pier – I was in the front row – Lovely legs! She didn’t wear that dress on the Pier. I was in the front row at ankle level. That dress would have sent me home a happy teenager . I seem to remember the short programme! Wasn’t very impressed, they seemed to be out of their depth with a list of numbers more suited to appearances on the TV.

Sarah Harvey….That is one hell of a dress! 🙂

Mark Gilham…. Mike Hurst on the left

Terry Pack…..On her left is Mike Hurst. I did a lot of sessions and gigs with him in various guises.

Andre Martin….Sarah – every time I see this publicity photo I just crease-up, its just such a strange shape !!

Carol Ann Bolton……Those were the days when women wore frocks that could stand up on their own when you took them off.

Andre Martin…..Interesting statistics -1638 patrons for Joe Brown and the Bruvvers – true or the Pier method of counting ??

Pete Prescott….I did some sessions for Mike Hurst. He told some amazing stories about her, not sure if its on You Tube but find the live version she did with Burt Bacherach singing House is not a home its wonderful ! she was so good. He also signed a couple of songs Chris Cozens and I wrote to southern music.

Mick O’Dowd… In answer to your question Andre, she is wearing the latest fab creation by Millets.

Andre Martin… Your quite right Mick it was Pebble Camo just right for the beach !!

Allan Osborne… I was there that night and still have the entry ticket signed by all three. Its not for sale to anybody either. To me its priceless! as is the memory of the performance . I should live so long already!

Andy Qunta… She would be invisible in the company of 101 dalmatians, and that can be useful sometimes! Did a keyboard session with Mike Hurst years later when he was with Sundance, with Mary Hopkin and Mike d’Alberquerque. We were doing a song called “What’s Love”. Ray Fenwick, Steve Demetri and Steve Price played on it too.

Karl Holden… I was bass player for The Midniters that night and me and our drummer got asked to support The Springfields for their act. Well pleased to accept of course but didn’t get paid any extra!

Andre Martin… Ah – the management were in charge – heh heh!!!!

Pete Fisher… wonderful photo…Dusty in her Springfields days, and in her Springfields dress…she did the right thing in 1963, the year this was taken, and left the band (and hopefully the dress) to go solo…the rest is history…

Pauline Lindsay… I also saw them that night & if I remember she had a skirt on with braces type straps and of course that thick black eye make up.

Lloyd Johnson…  was at this gig and there we not a lot of people in the audience maybe 30-40 max, it’s was almost empty wasn’t it!….I think she left The Springfield’s shortly after…..she was a wasted talent in that trio…..

Dave Boutwood… So was I!

Andre Martin… You have some good selections as ever. well that will mean a Dusty spot on Thursdays show on Conquest Hospital Radio without a doubt

Lloyd Johnson… You have to play ‘Can -Can 62’ Peter Jay and The Jaywalkers Andre… I can remember everyone going mad dancing to that on the Pier in the early 60s!…

Pete Prescott… I did a couple of sessions for Mike Hurst with Chris Cozens. He told some brilliant stories. He and Ray were funny at Chris’s wedding. Over to you Chris…

Lloyd Johnson… I saw The Springfield’s on Hastings Pier then but there certainly wasn’t an audience of 1200 which was the capacity of The Ballroom…it was almost empty…don’t believe everything you read in the papers…

Bernie Marsden R.I.P.


On behalf of his family, it is with deep sadness we announce the death of Bernie Marsden. Bernie died peacefully on Thursday evening with his wife, Fran, and daughters, Charlotte and Olivia, by his side. Bernie never lost his passion for music, writing and recording new songs until the end.

Graham Bradley… RIP Bernie

Andy Hemsley… Total legend. Loved his playing with Whitesnake

Jean Brett… R I p Bernie

Peter Houghton… RIP Bernie

Nelson King… I played a show with Bernie, a wonderful person.. we played each others Les Pauls.. a great guitarist.. R.I.P. Bernie

Franky Appleman… another great player leaves us….. there will be be none left before long. R.I.P.

Pete Prescott… Very sad. I saw him in Wild Turkey and Whitesnake. I read his biography last year. Wonderful. A great musician and guitarist. I remember Sergeant supporting his band Alaska in Montreux in 1985. I was so excited to see one of my heroes. He was a very nice guy

Mike Waghorne… RIP Bernie

Terry Pack… RIP, Bernie.

Dave… Super player helped put the snakes on the map sadly missed rip Berni. Thanks for the memories.

SMART SOUNDS by Colin Bell reviewing March Of The Flower Children: The American Sounds Of 1967, 3CD Boxset Various Artists

MARCH OF THE FLOWER CHILDREN – The American Sounds of 1967   (3CD SET)
As anybody that has ever read any of the thousands of reviews I’ve written over the past 50 + years will know only too well, Psychedelia is my first and enduring musical love. So with apologies to those for repeating the fact yet again! but there’s always new readers to consider. This latest compilation from the ever excellent Grapefruit Records could have been compiled especially for me, and I couldn’t be happier settling in for a smorgasbord of sound lasting 4 hours spread over 3 Cd’s in this spanking collection featuring 85 tracks from some of the greatest names to feature in this mind bending musical genre. All the facets that make up the whole Psychedelic movement can be heard here, from hard acid rock, to folk rock. punk garage, toytown & sunshine pop & whimsical solo entries. Big names include Love, Vanilla Fudge, Young Rascals, Moby Grape, The Byrds, Buffalo Springfield, Steppenwolf, The Velvet Underground & many more, including the band who first got me hooked in 1966/67 the glorious & unique ultimate garage band The Electric Prunes. It was the latter’s use of twisted, distorted fuzz laden instrumentation on ‘I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night’ (not included) that set me out on my voyage of mind bending musical discovery. The big names mentioned are sprinkled across the compilation which is bolstered in the main by the less well known & some outright obscure bands & artistes, although a lot of whom will be known to fellow aficionados, such as The Seeds, The Cryan Shames, Blue Magoos, The Beau Brummels, The Rare Breed, Strawberry Alarm Clock, Lemon Fog etc. Psychedelia had it’s roots in the Haight Ashbury district of San Francisco and the Hippie movement with artistes like The Grateful Dead, Janis Joplin & others in 1966 and by the ‘Summer of Love’ in 1967 reached it’s crescendo on both sides of the Atlantic. Here in Britain, which has been covered by previous Grapefruit compilations relating to 1967,we were listening to the likes of Traffic, Tomorrow, Spooky Tooth, The Nice, Cream etc etc, most of whom had drawn their inspiration from the San Francisco movement, although on the whole British psychedelia often tended to come in ‘softer’ form than its American counterparts. Anybody that’s already into the genre will understand what I’m relating, however for anybody new to the genre or want’s to revisit that most magical and experimental period this new compilation is an ideal starting point. There’s little point in me bombarding you with a lot of names to conjure with, especially for newbies, but here from across the 3 CD’s are, in my opinion, some of the standout tracks. The whole set kicks off on Disc1 with a band that I’ve always loved, The Peanut Butter Conspiracy, with a tasty morsel (see what i did there) with the up-tempo mix of snarling guitar & Fifth Dimension style harmonies that make up their excellent offering ‘It’s A Happening Thing’. This is followed by, what for me, are the ultimate & finest exponents of the whole genre, Love. Arthur Lee’s vocal and lyrics have always had the ability to transport me to another world, here represented by iQue Vida!’ lifted from their superb 2nd album Da Capo. As is common with a lot of Love’s songs on first hearing they sound all sweetness and light, but on closer inspection are often unsettling and menacing, yet always superb. Great to see the inclusion of old friend, the late Tim Rose with the original recording he made of the classic ‘Morning Dew’ still the definitive version as far as I’m concerned. I was working with Tim on some gigs when he sadly and unexpectedly passed away in 2002, a great loss. Elsewhere on Disc1 are great tracks from the underrated Paul Revere & The Raiders, The Lovin Spoonful, The Mothers of Invention, The Kaleidescope, Harpers Bizarre & Eternity’s Children. Disc2 gets us underway with a stunning Prunes type track from a band unknown to me The Zodiac with a track entitled ‘Aries’ replete with a solemn spoken part, interwoven with melding Eastern music with rock, all very dark and mysterious. Then it’s on to a stone cold classic, with the majestic strains of Vanilla Fudge with their famous alternative version of the old Supremes hit ‘You Keep Me Hanging On’, here in it’s edited radio 3minute version as opposed to the full length album version that ran to 7 & a half minutes. This is followed by my all time favourite garage/psyche band, the previously mentioned Electric Prunes with ‘Hideaway’ a ‘B’ side of one of their lesser singles, but nonetheless a great track. The familiar names follow on with Moby Grape & The Stone Poneys with ‘Fall On You’ & ‘Evergreen Part One’ respectively. The track that lends the compilation it’s title follows with the splendid The Seeds and ‘March of the Flower Children’ which sounds more akin to something one of our own homegrown esoteric bands might have produced. Other tracks on Disc2 that stand out come from The Byrds with the seldom heard ‘Lady Friend’ & also The Cyrkle, The Lemon Drops, Captain Beefheart & The Endd amongst others. Disc3 features another personal favourite band with Steppenwolf & ‘The Ostrich’, another seldom heard track. The excellent Strawberry Alarm Clock are represented with ‘Rainy Day Mushroom Pillow’ ( a real psyche title if there ever was one!). Buffalo Springfield with ‘Bluebird’ and The Velvet Underground with ‘White Light/White Heat’ put in welcome appearances. There is an additional plethora of great songs from many obscure and unlikely artists such as Nilsson and surfer boys Jan & Dean! An honorable mention must also go to The Chamber Brothers with their classic experimental ‘Time Has Come Today’, a big personal favourite. The compilation concludes with The First Edition fronted by Kenny Rogers, who would of course become a solo Country superstar later in his career. Here he appears with his band who produced some classics of their own, famously with ‘Ruby Don’t Take Your Love To Town’ the wonderful ‘Somethins Burning’ and the psyche offering ‘Just Dropped In – To See What Condition My Condition is In’ (you can enjoy this in the video at the end of this review). It just remains for me to compliment David Wells once again, the head honcho at Grapefruit Records, for another superb compilation, lovingly compiled and accompanied as ever by an informative booklet crammed with info, photo’s & images. So, draw up a comfortable mushroom to sit on, put on your favourite headband, pass the Hookah and drift awa………y…..enjoy.
for more information go to https://www.cherryred.co.uk
Til next time…stay safe….Colin

Stephen Moran… Great review Colin

Mick O’Dowd… This contains so many bands that I never classed as psych! Maybe that’s why I never caught on to it until recently, through your posts Colin. Great stuff by looks of it and as I say i’ve heard and appreciated a lot of these artists

Colin Bell… Mick, I think to be fair, some of the artists you didn’t class as psyche, ultimately weren’t, but went through a period of experimenting during ’66/’67 before returning to, or moving on to other more suitable genres for them

Mick O’Dowd… Got into a lot of these from the samplers The Rock Machine Turns You On & Thr Rock Machine Loves You. Priced at an amazing (even in those days) 14/6d!

Colin Bell… Mick, Great samplers, really got a lot of people interested and as you say cheap, even then

Pete Prescott… So many bands ! Wow !

Claire Lonsdale… Would love to hear it! X

Alan Esdaile… Some great names here and a good sleeve.

Singing wrong lyrics!

source: unknown

Kim Thompsett… Ooh ooh me ears are alight.

Mike Waghorne… Sitting next to your tranny listening to the lyrics, then writting them down leaving spaces for the words you missed until the next air play

Wendy Weaver… You could buy the sheet music if you were well off. Anyway it was fun getting the words wrong and sometimes the wrong words made more sense

Stuart Moir… A lot of the sheet music was wrong as well not only the words but the chords as well

Wendy Weaver… I remember Terry Wogan going through things people thought they had heard on his morning radio programme. It wasn’t just me who thought ‘Tragedy ‘ was ‘ Pack it In ‘

Fred Marsh… sue lawley sue lawley feel sue lawley

Els Wilcox… I shattered someone’s dreams the other day, they thought the words were, ‘what we have will never end’ I informed them it was’ we’re off to never never land. Lol.

Tony Ham… Wonder what lyrics people came up with for Cocteau Twins

Mike Guy… ‘Scuse me while I kiss Mike Guy. Mike Guy’s mad at me. Nothing in the world . . . Mike Guy.

Mick Knights… My personal favourite was the line in ‘When a man loves a woman’ You’ve got to hold on to your hot cross bun.

Nigel Sherwood… 10 years old and living in a town near to Hastings convinced the Beatles were singing, ticket to Rye

Paul Huggett… Makes you wonder how disappointed people in the Isle of Wight were when they didn’t come

Ricky Adelaide… Hay I still make up the lines, I forget cant be doing with these ipads and phones, not good

Martin Stoggell.. I still sing shit every day.

Paul Crimin…Queen….Has the devil got a sideboard

Robert Carey… Paul Young. Everytime you go away you take a piece of meat with you or Ralph McTell singing about his private parts- My Jenny Taylor.

David Kent… This from Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds: The girl with colitis goes by……

Mike Guy… also Hotel California . . . sweet smell of colitis.

Mike Curtis… Desmond Dekker, “My ears are alight”

Sharon Kirby… This!!! I thought that were the words too

Paul Huggett…Stevie Winwood’s touching plea… Bring Me Your Iron Lung

Leigh Wieland-Boys… Disco 45 helped

Rosemary Battles Hughes… from queen.. sharing his wife and his pork sausages

Nick Prince… I never once sung the wrong words to a song, it was always the person singing on the radio that got it wrong

Janice Irving… Creedence Clearwater Revival – there’s a bathroom on the right!

Gerry Woodland… Like the song with the line, killing me softly with insults, I use to say ( killing me softly with insoles), and another song with the line, the Israelites, ( the little red eyes )

Martin Richter… that’s why we bought *disco 45* ?

Judie Struys… I once rang Radio 1 to find out what the chorus line was to REM’s The Sidewinder Sleeps Tonite.

Judy Atkinson… Gary Puckett & the Union Gap – “when Jessame goes up part of me nose”

Ian Ellis… Mister Brown Goes off to town On the A21…

Faith Brooker… BeeGees; When she comes to me in a submarine…

Mick O’Dowd… Always thought Steely Dan’s Reelin’ in The years was Living in the East!

Malcolm Sharp… Reverent blue jean

The Beatles – Yellow Submarine. The Orion 30th August 1971.

yellow submarine film 30th aug 1971

Peter Fairless… Never mind all that… Paint Your Wagon is on!

Michael Wilson… I remember going to see ‘Paint your wagon’ at the Classic cinemas in Western Road, Bexhill.

Jim Breeds… I have the 7″ single of this. Gawd knows why. Think I might have bought it for my Dad. B side is Clint Eastwood, I Talk To The Trees. Message to Clint: The trees are still not listening to you chum!

Julie Morris… Was this the ‘fleapit’?!!

Alan Esdaile… Yes Julie The Orion was also known as the fleapit.

Dennis Torrance… My mum used to work here.

Chris Giles… I went to see Yellow Submarine there…

Tony Court-holmes… went there a few times

The Rock Machine Turns You On – CBS Sampler 1968

rock machine 1

back rock machine

Side 1 – I’ll Be Your BabyTonight – Bob Dylan, Can’t Be So Bad – Moby Grape, Fresh Garbage – Spirit, I Won’t Leave My Wooden Wife For You Sugar – The United States Of America, Time Of The Season – The Zombies, Turn On A Friend – The Peanut Butter Conspiracy, Sisters Of Mercy – Leonard Cohen.

Side 2 – My Days Are Numbered – Blood Sweat & Tears, Dolphins Smile – The Byrds, Scarborough Fair/Canticle – Simon & Garfunkel, Statesboro Blues – Taj Mahal, Killing Floor – The Electric Flag, Nobody’s Got Any Money In The Summer – Roy Harper, Come Away Melinda – Tim Rose, Flames – Elmer Gantry’s Velvet Opera.

Anne Wells… I had this LP – haven’t seen it since the 70’s.

Mike Curtis… Yup. On vinyl and Cd.

Colin Norton… Tim Rose was really a great artist.

Mick O’Dowd… My faves were the “Tighten Up” ska/reggae samplers for 14/6d(not even 75p to you young things) favorite track was the “Soul Sisters- Wreck-a-Buddy which contained suggestive lyrics(No not suggestive lyrics in a ska song surely!!!)

Jim Breeds… I always meant to get around to buying that but never quite got there …

Tony Davis… Got to agree with Colin about Tim Rose. I reckon his version of Morning Dew is still the best.

Jan Warren… Yep, I still got this album!!

Paul Huggett… Yep, in digital form, great stuff on there.